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Google Maps How to install or edit Google Maps in Spanish on Android? Google Maps is one of the most used applications in …

Google Maps How to install or edit Google Maps in Spanish on Android?  Google Maps is one of the most used applications in ...

Google Maps is one of the most used applications in the world and is that wherever you are, you can use it to locate yourself, previously this application was only available in the language set on your mobile device, but its new update already allows you to change the application to the desired language.

This new tool is available on all Android devices thanks to the new version of this application. If you like change the language in Google Maps All you have to do is access the settings menu and from there you can make the changes in the desired language.

Making language changes is very simple, because the application gives you a list of different languages ​​availableThere you can choose the one you prefer, also remember that this application allows you to send or share a location from Google Maps using other applications available on your device, such as WhatsApp.

What are Google Maps language domains for?

A domain is the name by which it appears registered on the Internet. Google Maps automatically redirects you to the domain of your country, so it can show you different places, including the official language of that country. In short, language domains are common Adjust your location language in Google Maps.

How do we change the language in which we can use Google Maps?

If you want to change the Google Maps language set on your mobile device, here’s how to make it very easy:

Go to Google Maps and search for the menu

The first thing you need to do is enter the Google Maps app and click profile photo to open the menu, then you need to click on settings.

Select the Language and choose the one you want to use

Once there, you need to select where the application language is written and choose desired language which appears in the application.

Check the labels and information you get

When the language change is made, you need to save all the new information, at the end of this process, the application will restart automatically and ready. the new language will be set as the default.

Is it possible to use the domain of a country I am not in?

Of course, yes, because thanks to the internet access we can have access to any field, regardless of country where we are.

the language of different countries in Google Maps

What is the domain of a country and what is the use of having it?

A Google Maps country domain is your browser’s URL, which displays a map view, so when you travel or navigate your app, the URL will change constantly. That is, depending on the country looking for the domain, it will be activated as well will show that area with that language. So to select and have a domain.

Sign in to Google Maps

From the app drawer of your mobile device you need to open the Google Maps application, it is always recommended to update Google Maps to the latest version, because this way you can always have all the features, news and tools that appear.

Find and select the country name on the screen

Navigate the map and locates the global vision of a countryYou can do this with your fingers if you’re on an Android device or with the scroll wheel or mouse, if you’re on a computer.

Enter the region settings and select the one you want

Once you have selected the desired country, you can enter setting the region and, depending on your search preferences, choose the one you need.

Save your changes at the bottom

To end save changes At the bottom of the menu, it’s important to know that depending on your internet speed, you’ll be able to enjoy these changes right away.

google maps available for any country

You can only change the language of the information displayed in each country. That is, the tag names will be available in your local language, but when you browse site data will match the language you selected. For this:

Enter Google Maps and select your profile

You can go to the official Google Maps page and give click on the profile picture, in order to display the options menu.

Click Settings and then Navigation Settings

When the options menu is displayed, you must enter the option «Navigation settings”. This is at the bottom of the menu.

Select Voice and choose the one you like best, along with your language

You give click «Selected voice», and here you can choose the one you like the most or the one you need if you want to make your location known, but you should know that by sharing your current location, the person receiving it will see the data accordingly configuration no matter what you select.