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Google is delaying the hangout migration deadline for G Suite customers

Google is delaying the hangout migration deadline for G Suite customers

Google has rejected the migration deadline for its Hangouts collaboration app, giving G Suite customers more time to switch to its Hangouts Chat and Meet tools.

Google introduced Hangouts Chat and Meet in 2017, effectively separating the classic Hangouts app from individual chat and video features.

Earlier this year, the company said it would begin migrating users to the new platforms, with plans to withdraw classic Hangouts in October 2019.

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The final date of the transition will be «not before» June 2020, Google said; a more precise time frame will be announced closer to the deadline. Customers who want to switch to the latest versions of Hangouts can do so later this year by requesting an invitation to the Accelerated Transition Program.

Meanwhile, Google has promised to add new features to classic Hangouts software, such as read receipts, and make it easier for users to migrate to new applications.

Although Google has struggled with overlapping products in the past, the company has recently stepped up its efforts to optimize and consolidate its portfolio, according to Raúl Castañón-Martínez, a senior analyst at 451 Research.

However, it makes sense to serve customers who have slowly moved to new versions of Hangouts by expanding support, he said.

«Ensuring a smooth transition for your business customers is not an easy task, and while it can be a little confusing in the short term, it is a better option to extend the deadline, rather than pressuring customers to pass if both Google, like customers, is not ready to do that, ”said Castañón-Martínez.

In another G Suite-related ad, Google said it would introduce improved AI spelling and grammar to help Gmail users compose emails faster and more efficiently. Errors are highlighted with a wavy blue line below the text, and users can accept the changes by clicking on the suggested setting.

The features are only available to G Suite subscribers and not to Gmail consumer users, Google said.