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Google How to prevent Google from permanently crawling me – Disabling Guide The average user generally searches around the service for …

Google How to prevent Google from permanently crawling me - Disabling Guide The average user generally searches around the service for ...

The average user is generally looking around the most popular serviceThis results in excessive exposure of our network behavior, personal data, location history, and more, based on the companies used to show us excessive and invasive ads, but a simple change in our configuration. confidentiality or the use of extensions could prevent this.

Also, learn how to browse anonymously and with more privacy to contrast your exposure on the internet.

Find out how you can get more privacy when you use Google

Why is Google constantly tracking its users?

Despite the huge benefits that Google offers us, it also has its disadvantages, as they are the first to use this sensitive information to save it in databases, trying to «improve the user experience». and provide personalized recommendations laterWe must also be aware that, by joining any page, application or social network, our data will be extremely exposed and, in part, will belong to the registration platform in question.

What should we consider before disabling Google tracking?

We need to be clear that it is really complex disable tracking permanently, because the location history will be saved as part of your activity in other services, but we emphasize that it is very possible if we decide to do so.

Disabling this feature prevents Google from storing activity, search, and map history information. it may invalidate or be largely limited the efficiency of our digital assistant.

How can I avoid being permanently crawled by Google?

In the next section we will show you a series of methods, configurations and tools, so that you can surf the net and use all services in a safe, free and risk-free way.

learn how to avoid crawling on google

Disable data collection

This is one of the essential steps for its efficiency, to achieve this configuration in a successful way, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the «My business» section of the Google page
  2. Enter the «Monitor your account activity» option
  3. To avoid continuity of data collection, go to the «Web activity and applications«and turn off the switch.

Delete browsing history

In general, our browser keeps track of the pages we visit, the same thing Google does to optimize its search engine according to our preferences, to prevent associating searches with your personal account. you must delete all record types, as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and go to the ‘Data & Personalization’ section
  2. Once this menu is open, go to the «Activity and Timeline» section inside it. You will see the «my activity» option that you need to access
  3. Then select in the left bar «Delete by» choose the product (search) and in the data filter select «Since when is it always»

Disable ad personalization

To do this, you must edit the information or interests:

  1. Log in to your Google Account
  2. click ‘Data and personalization’
  3. Then, in the «Personalize ads» section, select the «Ad settings» option.
  4. Click the and switch disable such customization.

Install tracking inhibitor add-ons in your browser

We can also have a number of very valuable tools that help us limit data collection, here are some examples of the most effective extensions in this task:

  • Privacy badge
  • HTTPS everywhere
  • Ghostery
  • Blur
  • Decentraley
  • Disconnected
  • uMatrix

Also learn how to delete everything Google records and stores about you.

Encrypt all your personal information

Last but not least, we want to make the importance visible encrypt information and traffic, this practice is used worldwide to provide the user with security and privacy and the most common way to do this is through a virtual private network or better known by its acronym VPN, you can deepen this aspect by discovering what it is and for what is a VPN.