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Google How to highlight duplicates in Google spreadsheets? – Quick guide Nowadays it is necessary to know and have different programs to work …

Google How to highlight duplicates in Google spreadsheets?  - Quick guide Nowadays it is necessary to know and have different programs to work ...

It is now necessary to know and have different programs to work with spreadsheets, one of these is Google Spreadsheets, an online spreadsheet. In fact, this is a completely free web platform, which is a great option if you don’t have Excel on your device. It is also an excellent alternative for making spreadsheets using its tools.

It certainly has many functions, which some users do not know how to implement in spreadsheets. For this reason, we will tell you how highlight duplicates on sheets which you do on this web page.

What tools do you give me to highlight duplicates?

Basically, Google Spreadsheets works like the Excel app you can create any document as if it were the original application. Some of the procedures we can perform is to repeat the column headings on the pages, as well as the duplicate cells; which can involve a complicated process. Fortunately, there are some basic tools to highlight and configure them to your liking.

Border in the cell

To enter the program, we need to access your favorite browser and Google Spreadsheets search engine. There are a few lines that allow us share pictures with others and help them look more strikingTo do this, just open the spreadsheet. Then select the cells, to do this, position the mouse in one corner and press it while dragging it to the other end, this will make it shaded.

Select the «Format» tab and in the pop-up menu select «Conditional formatting», it will open a menu with different options. In this part, we press the menu «Cell format», select «custom formula» in this menu, when we do this, an empty box will appear where you will insert formulas which will be ‘= COUNTIF (A: A; A1)> 1’.

With this formula you tap highlight cell edges, remember that the formula changes depending on the column. For example, if you were to use column B, add B instead of A; To finish, select the box that says ready.

Font color

On the other hand, the best way to highlight something is by using a certain color. First we need to open the spreadsheet, then highlight the column you need and select «Format» at the top click conditional formatting. Where a menu will appear on the right side of the screen.

In this new menu we will have to enter the range corresponding to the cells and rows. An example of this is (A2 to A40)We will copy it in the box that says «Apply range», in the next box we change the option from «Format cells if» to «Custom form» from its drop-down menu.

Now, write the following formula “= countif (A: A: A, A1)> 1”, then in the format style section choose a color and finally click where it says “Done”. So can we do it with the source To do this, just press the symbol of the letter «A» in the menu and change the color.

use Google spreadsheets to highlight duplicates

You can also make it easier, you just have to select the cells and at the top where the letter A appears, change the color of the words that are inside the cell.

Include references

In addition, it is possible to add any reference style or data from other sheets, so enter the spreadsheet. Then select the cell, where you will have to write an equal sign ‘=’, then the name of the sheet, add an exclamation point and the cell you want to copy, something like: ‘= Sheet1! A4 ‘. By applying this formula based on the sheets, you will already have your reference.

What are the main shortcuts for highlighting duplicate worksheets?

Undoubtedly, our keyboard is essential to be able to make any changes, because it allows us to enter different parentheses, words and shortcuts. In fact, these shortcuts are useful tools because we can enter them quickly, allowing us to add features to our screen.

highlight duplicates in Google spreadsheets

Some shortcuts you can implement in the spreadsheet to make the process easier are:

Ctrl + A

This shortcut is very necessary when using duplicates in our spreadsheets, because pressing these buttons on the keyboard will allow us to select all cells of the document. Specifically those that are duplicates, which makes it easier to edit them.

Ctrl + Shift + 8

There’s also the Ctrl + Shift + 8 shortcut, which you’ll be able to select when you type it an activated region. This allows you to better configure it.

These are the rules you can use for conditional formatting

It should be noted that there is a conditional format that has many functions, but its main contribution is to organize the content of extended tables. Also, highlight certain elements of it, in this you can apply certain rules.

One color

Again, you need to enter the document you want to edit, then select the cell to which the formatting rules will apply. Then tap the word format in the toolbar and in conditional formatting. you will see a menu open with different options, here you will create a rule.

use the Google Sheets tool to highlight duplicates

For the one-color section, go to «Apply formatting to cells» where you select the conditions you like best to activate the rule. After, select «Format formatting» to choose what the cell will look like when the conditions are met.

Color scale

You also need to select the row you want to edit and enter the format section. You will enter Color Scale Section, where you click «Preview» to select the color cell. Then choose a minimum value, a maximum value and an average value, this will allow you to choose the category of values. Then press the down arrow and press the «Done» button