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Google Drive How do I upload files to the Google Drive cloud? | Fast and easy uploading files to Google Drive has become a trend since …

Google Drive How do I upload files to the Google Drive cloud?  |  Fast and easy uploading files to Google Drive has become a trend since ...

Uploading files to Google Drive has become a trend since this year, as users now have 15 GB of free space available in every Google Account, this allows send all the documents you need.

One advantage is that you can share files on your computer, mobile or other device because only with they have internet access and a Google Drive account this process will be possible. You should know that the Google Account is the same used in Google Drive, because it is a service of the same service.

Then sign in to Google and open «Drive» with your computer’s browser and you’ll notice that you already have an account. In the interface of this service you will find «My unit» option The files you upload directly are saved here, regardless of the device you are using.

Also, if you don’t want to use this service in your browser, you have the advantage of downloading and installing Google Drive on any device, either on the computer or on the mobile phoneOf course, it is the preference of each user to use this advantage.

google drive available for all devices

What types of files can you upload to the Google Drive cloud?

The great advantage of this Google service is that you can upload all kinds of files. E.g; folders, documents, Excel, images in all formats, installers, programs, games, multimedia of any kind and, of course, compressed files.

How can you upload files and folders to Google Drive?

There are two ways to upload files to your Google Drive account, and the procedure for both is simple:

Sign in to Google Drive and go to «New»

You must first access Google Drive. It is important to know that you must always have internet access to navigate the interface menu. Being on the main page, go to click where it says «New».

Click the «Upload» file or the «Upload» folder

There will be many options among them in the first two, you have to choose whether you want to upload a single file or more, and the second option is that you can upload an entire folder, no matter how many files it has inside.

Select what you want to upload

Once you have chosen the desired option, a search window will open in which you need to select the files you need to upload, and clicking «Accept» will automatically begin uploading to your Google Drive account.

You can also drag a file to a folder

Another handy way to upload any file to your Google Drive account is to drag and drop it. move it to the Drive service interface.

load multiple folders together to drive

Is it possible to save a file or folder in the print view?

A user when opening a document or file uploaded to Google Drive, at first glance, it is of the impression typeand from here you can do many things, including save or share it in your Google Drive account.

Open Google Chrome followed by the file

Of course, you need to open the Google Chrome browser and locate the file. That is, open what you want to save in print preview mode, with a single click on it is enough to do it.

Go to File and select Print

In preview mode, you’ll see the «File» option at the top, just click on it to follow the «print» option.

Select Save to drive and click Print

When you click print, a window will appear in which you will have to choose save or share the file on Google Drive, choose this option and press print again and you’re done.

What can I do if I want one of my documents to be converted to Google format?

To convert any document to Google format you need to upload it to Google Drive. Google also provides tools for creating Word or Excel documents, and once you create the document, you can download it to your computer or mobile phone in the format you choose.

So, if you upload a document on the official site of Google Drive it will be converted to Google formatJust click on it and you can use the online tools and, if you download the mentioned document, you can do it in Doc., Txt., Html format. Or whatever you want, but that is related.

convert documents to Google format

Is it possible to upload files that share the name?

When you upload a file with the same name to Google Drive, it the system will ask you if you want to keep it as a separate fileIf you accept this condition, you will have two files, but with different names. For example «File» and «File (1)».

Otherwise a new version will be attached to the original. In other words, it is not possible to keep two files with the same name, there must always be something to differentiate them, such as a number or a symbol.

One trick is to create a folder in Google Drive and so on save a file in it and in the folder the same file, to keep two files with the same name.