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Google Chrome How to view the Google browser on the desktop version – Step by step guide Google Chrome is a tool available for some time …

Google Chrome How to view the Google browser on the desktop version - Step by step guide Google Chrome is a tool available for some time ...

Google Chrome it is a tool which has been around for some time for desktop computers. It works like a browser that has its own integrated search engine. Currently, it is possible to use its mobile version, which shows some differences in terms of the desktop. For this reason, here we will briefly but completely explain what you should know about the different versions of this web browser.

What are the differences between the mobile version of Google and the desktop version?

If you want to use Chrome frequently, you should know this the two versions of it have some differences, so one of the two can have a greater benefit depending on your needs.


One of the first differences which exists in terms of the desktop application, is the weight of the application. So this can run somewhat slow on very old computers, however, this can be fixed quickly.

Another clear difference when it comes to the desktop version is that the look of the menu and the search bar is different. This is because the mobile screen take one much more limited space, so there is no space for bookmarks or extensions above the search bar. In addition, it is not yet possible to add extensions to the mobile version, so it is not highly recommended for complex tasks. However, on your mobile phone you can still configure the application.

So if you want to delete the history or enter incognito mod you can do it. Also, another thing you can do from the mobile application is to activate the desktop mode, with which the application will simulate a desktop window. This is useful if we want to view a page in a better way, but you should know that everything will look quite small.

Also, another thing you can do from the mobile application is to control its data flow. This for avoid consuming too much mobile data, is an option that is only found in the mobile version and is quite useful. This, in addition to data control, can help us reduce battery consumption, so it’s quite necessary.


In turn the desktop version is the most complete, in which you can add all kinds of accessories. Besides the fact that you can modify it to get better performance when loading web pages.

You also have the option to add extensions and import bookmarks into the search bar, which is essential to be more comfortable. The desktop application was the first to come out and for this reason it was the one that had the greatest development.

It currently has no function for simulates a mobile pageHowever, this does not seem very necessary. Another thing we can’t do is control our data consumption, so it’s up to us how much we consume.

mobile and desktop version of Chrome browser

This is because the desktop computer is generally used when connected to a WIFI network at home and not to a mobile network.

The first thing is update the application to be able to access all options. To do this, we simply go to the app store and search for Chrome in the search bar. Here we will see the application information and, if we need an update, we can install it by clicking on «install».

Once we do this, we will have to open the application, when it loads, we will go to the top right corner, where the options appear. By touch, a menu will be displayed in which several options will appear.

In this menu we will only have to look for the option that says request desktop modeBy checking this option, reload the page with the mode activated. You can use the page in this way without any problems and leave it activated as long as you want. It is important to note that this mode does not consume more mobile data than normal.

To remove browser mode from your mobile, all you have to do is go to the options mentioned above.

mobile version of Google Chrome guide

However, this time we will have to click on leaves desktop mode. This option is easy to find because it replaces the desktop mode application. When we press it, the page will be updated again, but this time it will be in the mobile version.