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Google Chrome How to save a web page to my favorites – Google Chrome One of the most used web browsers is Google Chrome, fast, …

Google Chrome How to save a web page to my favorites - Google Chrome One of the most used web browsers is Google Chrome, fast, ...

One of the most used web browsers is Google Chrome, fast, easy and safe. It allows you to search the internet and access any available webpage. Google has developed several tools which allow the user to facilitate their searches. Among them, Google Bookmarks, created for the user to save as favorites, web pages that you want to view in another period.

Where are the bookmarks of an Android device saved?

It is important for each user to know their device, because there will be small differences in the configuration of different devices with the Android system. In general, bookmarks are at the top of the browser of the mobile phone. You need to tap the vertical dots icon that appears on the right side of the bar.

Then a window with a list of options will be displayed, click «Favorites» and the saved pages will be displayed automatically.

In general bookmarks appear on the Google homepage, at the bottom of the search bar. However, they can be hidden, causing the user to be afraid that they have lost their favorite pages, so you need to know how to make them reappear.

From your cell phone

It is a fairly easy and fast process, it consists of pressing the icon of the three points located at the top right, selecting «Bookmarks» and selecting your favorite website.

On the computer

For computers the process is similar, the user must open the Google homepage, go to the top right corner, click on the three-dot icon, select «Bookmarks». Then you need to click on the «Show bookmarks bar» option to activate it, an activation icon will appear next to the option.

laptop device using bookmarks

How to export your bookmarks and always carry them with you?

A reliable way to open bookmarks or favorites from any browser, and even open them from another computer, is exporting them as an HTML file. To export it, open the Google homepage and type in the search bar «chorme: // bookmarks /». Then click the three-dot icon that appears at the top of the page.

The user must click on the «Export bookmarks» option, assign a name to the file and save it. Finally, the file is available in HTML format, ready for the user to always carry with him.

This is how your account bookmarks are imported

Importing bookmarks from another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, is very easy to do. You should open the Chrome page and select the three-point icon at the top right of the window. You need to click on the «Import preferences and settings» option and choose the program that contains the favorites to import. The «Import» button is selected and the results are saved.

How do I backup my bookmarks?

Performing a backup guarantees the user prevent the markings from getting lost. Doing this is a safe and secure method. The first step is to open the Google Chrome browser and locate the three-dot icon at the top of the browser, select it, click the «Bookmarks» option, and select «Bookmark manager.»

making a backup

Then the window with the list of favorite pages will be displayed, the dot icon will be selected, the «Export bookmarks» option will be clicked, the file will be named and saved on the user’s favorite site.

It is recommended that you save the file to an external storage drive or folder and enable synchronization with a cloud storage tool, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Another great way to back up your favorites is to associate it with a Google accountTo do this, the user must associate a Google Account with their computer or smart device.

The user must go to the three-dot icon and check the «Settings» option, select «Google services and sync» and select the data to sync. This option ensures that bookmarks are available on any device that has a synced Google Account connected.