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Google Chrome How to open a window in Chrome from CMD – Step-by-step and access User Guide It has happened to you that, for some reason, it is difficult for you to open …

Google Chrome How to open a window in Chrome from CMD - Step-by-step and access User Guide It has happened to you that, for some reason, it is difficult for you to open ...

Did it happen to you that, for some reason, it’s hard for you to open a window in Chrome? This may be due to a malfunction of the program itself or a general malfunction of the computer system. For such cases, it is recommended that the user opt for open a new window using CMD as an alternative method.

Although, of course, you probably have no idea how to do this, because it has to be done using commands. Fortunately, we are here to help you, and today’s article will focus on providing all the information on this topic and procedure.

What is the main function of CMD on Windows computers?

As such, command prompt or CMD As it is known, it does not have a single function, but it can be used in different ways as an alternative way to solve a malfunction, run a program or find out information about something in particular.

To be able to understand it a little better, it is a way of accomplishment advanced level actions which allow you to modify a function or part of the system via text commands. This means that you can form a write-protected USB with CMD codes in minutes.

Google Chrome

Now, some of the most common features used by advanced and less advanced users are:

  1. Help command

This command allows you to find out what other commands are available. The only detail is that the description given each order is in English.

  1. Rename the file

It is a simple command that will give you the ability to change the name of the desired file, you can even make changes to the extension it has.

  1. Type file.extension

It is an advantageous command for those who need to create a new file using the command window. The funny thing about this is that it allows you not only to create a new file, but also to write inside it. The good thing is that you can use this command when you need to create folders and / or directories using CMD

  1. Format

This is a command that you should be very careful with because it is used to format storage drives. So, feel very confident in using this command.

  1. System information

Using this command is intuitive because it is used to get the most information about the system when it is operational. That is, you will be able to know the data of the motherboard that you have installed processor performance, RAM data as well as storage units.

  1. Ipconfig

Definitely the most used command by most users. It is mainly used when you need to get information from your computer, but it mainly focuses on the internet connection, the IP that you have assigned, the mask used and the gateway that has been assigned to you by default.

  1. Host Tracert’s address

A very useful command that will allow you to know the path that the internet connection follows until it reaches a certain host. An example of this could be TRACERT POD.


As you will notice, there is no one the unique function of CMD, but what we can tell you is that it is the easiest and most direct way to communicate with your computer as long as you know the commands, because this is how to communicate directly with your computer.

How can I access CMD to use my applications?

To access this application installed by every Windows 10 computer, there are two ways to do it. The first is by pressing the Windows + R key on the keyboard, a small program will automatically run in which you will have to type a text command according to what you need at the moment.

The other way is to go to the magnifying glass next door start button in Windows and type CMD there. The result it will throw will be a single option called Command Prompt. Just click on it and you will be shown a window with a black background.

Once you are in the black window, you will see that the course is blinking. This tells us that we can write text commands. This is when you continue to create a text file using CMD, request information from your network, computer, or any other action you have in mind.

Procedure to open a page in Chrome from the running window

To stop a new window in Chrome from the running window, do the following:

  1. Open the control console.
  2. You will now use the following command Star Chrome.
  3. After that, you need to have the exact page address, URL, and place it separately with a space.
  4. Now press Enter and voila, a new window will open for you.

Now, keep in mind that this is not the only way to have a new window in Google Chrome. You could say that not everyone knows how to use Google Chrome to its full potential.

As an administrator

Executing it as an administrator is even easier. Just locate the program icon on the desktop or, alternatively, in Windows toolbar and there, right-click. A number of options will appear, just choose Run as administrator and voila, a new ready-to-use window will open.

As a different user

If you haven’t noticed yet, Chrome has the option to connect to your browser with a user account. This account is used to sync data and download it to another computer once you sign in.

All you have to do is log out of the session you currently have and start with another. Once you do this, you can open the windows you want without logging in to your old account.

opens a new window in Chrome

In incognito mode

It is very possible that you already know this method in advance, because it is used to leave no trace of search in history. Just press CRTL + SHIFT + N and a window will open automatically in incognito mode.

What other actions can be performed via CMD on Windows computers?

As I mentioned earlier, the actions you can do with CMD are quite broad, from formats a hard disk or flash driveTo create new folders, request information, change the IP address of your terminal, ping a server, and more. It all depends on the command line you use and what you will use it for.