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Google Chrome How to fix «Dns probe ended nxdomain» error permanently Many internet users use it as a search server …

Google Chrome How to fix "Dns probe ended nxdomain" error permanently Many internet users use it as a search server ...

Many Internet users use it as a search server Google Chrome because this browser is always updated and almost does not cause problems. However, this is not entirely true because of certain personal settings or adjustments may cause connection problems, the most common being gateway, IP and DNS errors, the latter being the most common.

This happens when a user wants to enter a website, but does not load and receives an error message DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Which can occur even when the user has a good network connection or the webpage URL is spelled correctly.

In this regard, if you have this problem as a user, we will show you what you can do to resolve DNS errors and Permanently remove DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.

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Why do I get the «Dns probe finished nxdomain» error on my computer?

This DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error may occur in your browser when you try to access a specific webpage. This is due to a specific DNS network issue, because the problem is with a wrong DNS configuration. Or it may also be related to any issues with your internet setup.

This error may appear as a message on the Google Chrome browser page when you want to access a webpage. Also, this error may appear on the screen due to the firewall your computer, which blocks certain pages from loading.

But this problem is not difficult to solve, you just have to follow all the steps carefully and you will be able to access the desired website.

What can I do to avoid the error «Dns probe finished nxdomain»?

To prevent DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN from occurring at other times when you want to access a website. You just have to consider certain aspects that we will show you.

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Please check the URL

As a way to prevent the error, you should only consider this aspect. And it is to type the domain name you want to access correctly, because if it is misspelled, you will receive the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. If you check that it was spelled correctly, you just need to restart the web page, and the message should have disappeared.

Restart your device or computer

Another aspect that needs to be considered to prevent the message from reappearing is restart the computer. So if you enter a website and receive the message with this error, just shut down your computer and restart it again. And voila, you need to re-enter the page and check if you have already solved the problem.

Briefly disable the antivirus

Even though our antivirus gives us great security when we access the internet. There are also certain features that prevent us from accessing any web page. That’s why you can try temporarily disable the antivirus and then go to the desired page.

You just have to go to «Control panel» from your computer and locate the antivirus option so that you can disable it for a few moments while you enter the web server that marks you with this error.

How do I fix the «Dns probe finished nxdomain» error on my devices?

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If you use your computer or mobile phone and this error occurs, you should not worry because it is very easy to solve. Here we will explain how to do it depending on the device you are using.

iOS or Android

If you are using an Android device and present this error in your Google Chrome browser We will teach you how to change or configure DNS servers. Just follow these steps:

  1. You need to open the «Settings» option on your device and go to the «WI-FI» option.
  2. Once there, tap and hold the network and click the «Change network» section.
  3. After that, choose the advanced options.
  4. Click «Static» and then «IP Configuration.»
  5. In the DNS server address that appears there, you need to type «DNS 1» and «DNS 2».
  6. Click the «Save» option and reconnect to the network so that this setting is enabled.

On the other hand, if you’re using an iOS device and you don’t know how to fix the error. Here’s a quick way to do this:

  1. Access «Wi-Fi» settings.
  2. Click on the option «I» that will appear next to the network you are connected to.
  3. Then go to «DNS Configuration».
  4. Choose the «Manual» option and type in the space «» and «»
  5. You have to give in «Save changes «and voila.

PC or MacOS

If you use your computer and receive this error, don’t worry. Here’s a quick way to fix it.

Change the TCP / IP settings

  1. In the Windows search engine, search for the «Network and Sharing Center» option and click.
  2. Then choose the «Change adapter settings» option.
  3. The local connection you are using will appear. Right click and choose the «Properties» option.
  4. Once there, find the option for «Internet Protocol version 4 (TPC / IPv4)» and click on properties.
  5. You must check the «Use the following DNS server address» box and place «» and «».
  6. You must click «Accept» to complete.

Reset Google Chrome flags

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This error may occur on your device by making changes to the Google Chrome browser. Therefore, you should try to restore its settings and features that may be accidentally changed. Just type in the «chrome: // flags» address bar and you’ll have access to everything Experimental features that are available in Chrome. You need to click on the «Reset everything to default» option and you’re done, close and reopen your browser.

But if you are using a MacOS computer and you receive the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. Don’t worry, you can use these methods as a solution.

Change the DNS server

  1. Select the Apple icon at the top of your browser and go to «System Preferences».
  2. Click Network and select the internet connection you are using. Choose the «Advanced» option.
  3. Go to the DNS tab. and press the button + and write your new DNS server. Whether it’s Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.
  4. Once you’re done, you need to click the «Ok» option to save your settings.

Release and renew the IP address

  1. Search «System preferences«And click the Network option.
  2. Select the internet connection you are using and click on the «Advanced» option.
  3. Go to the TPC / IP tab and click «Renew DHCP Lease».
  4. Click «Ok» and restart the computer.