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Google can support Windows 10 on multiple Chromebooks

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The Chromebook is very popular, but in some cases it does not meet the needs of users, because some tasks are easier to perform on conventional computers. The Google he knows this and somehow works for Chrome operating system to live with Windows 10 on their laptops.

Called Campfire, the solution will allow the Chromebook to start twice. Initially, it was expected to be released only for the next Pixelbook, the main model with the Google operating system.

In accordance with XDA developers However, this possibility will be extended to more Chromebooks. Chrome OS source code indicates that Campfire will be available on different models, but not all.

To maintain Windows 10 along with the Chrome operating system on a laptop would require some requirements, storage being the main one. Based on comments on the operating system code, at least 40 GB of available space will be required. Many Chromebooks have 32 GB or less, which indicates that the option will be restricted for some devices.

Installing Windows 10 on supported laptops should not be a very complicated task, as the second system can be activated with a simple command in the Chrome operating system. The idea is to avoid the need to use developer mode or make changes to the system.

No word activated yet when Windows 10 Chromebook support is released. Google is planning an event in early October that will feature, among other things, the Pixel 3.

The ceremony could also serve to present the news of the notebooks with the company system. However, it is not known if the solution will be ready in time. However, plans to support Windows 10 may further increase users’ interest in Chromebooks.

With information: Engadget, TechCrunch.

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