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Gmail What are the main advantages of Gmail over Outlook? Gmail email has great advantages over emails from …

Gmail What are the main advantages of Gmail over Outlook?  Gmail email has great advantages over emails from ...

Gmail email has great advantages over Outlook email. Among the most important we can find that Gmail has 15 GB storage capacity which are available. Which can be extended through payments, can be used on different devices, both iOS and Android. And in the same way you can use Gmail from other applications, such as Outlook, for example.

Gmail and Outlook pages

Another plus is that having an inactive Gmail account is it will not be removed or blocked. In addition, with your Gmail account, you can enjoy other services offered by Google, which will allow you to identify yourself.

It has an excellent system that has been improved and, with this, organizes e-mails, offering greater ease to its users. All of these are great points in favor of Gmail compared to its excellent competition with Outlook.

However, if you want to learn more about what the advantages of Gmail over Outlook, this article is for you, because you will be able to find all the necessary information on this topic.

What are the main differences between Gmail and Outlook?

There are big differences between Gmail and Outlook that vary in the way their interface looks, the way they select and delete their messages, spelling, among others. We explain all this below:

To send messages and check spelling in Gmail

In this case, for send bulk messages via Gmail uses instant messaging chat as a function. What’s in the lower left corner of the inbox? And to check the spelling, this can be done after you have finished composing the whole message.

To send messages and check spelling in Outlook

In turn, Outlook uses Skype as an instant messenger through which it can send its messages. to spell check you can do this automatically as you type your text

Select, organize, forward, and delete messages in Gmail

Gmail logo

to set up your inbox in Gmail you can use labels and assign colors to them. By using stars or any other symbol that serves to highlight important messages. Additionally, you can convert your classic mailbox to a priority mailbox. As for forwarding, you can select all messages in the same conversation and send them. And if you want to delete the messages, they will remain in the sketch folder.

Select, organize, forward, and delete messages in Outlook

Regarding the e-mail box, we can sort Outlook messages using custom folders, categories and subfolders. So your star messages will be at the top. In relation to the way messages are organized, it can be taken as folders and colors. To forward a message, you can attach multiple messages to send later. And if you want to delete them, you can do so to save space.

How to manage emails in Gmail?

In those situations where you use Google Play services, you can manage all your applications and services through Google settings. All you have to do is choose the Gmail email address you’ll use, and here you’ll receive all the personal information about your apps. In addition, with this email you can recover your Gmail password and get the information you need from Google.

To do this, all you have to do is open your Google Account, select the Personal Information option, then your personal information – email – and finally email from your Google Account.

How to manage Outlook emails?

If you have only one Outlook account and want to set up your device with it, you can do so. In fact, from the page Outlook mobile devices You can perform various actions that will allow you to manage your devices. On this page, you can see each of the devices you’ve synced.

Outlook e-mail page

To manage your devices, you only need to access the «Mobile devices» page. Go to «Settings,» then click «View all Outlook settings.» Select the «General» option and then the «Mobile devices» option.

What advantages does Gmail give me over its competition?

There is a large group of people who prefer to receive a Gmail email, as this gives them some benefits. The most recognized are:

Use the Drive folders to share files

Drive folders are a cloud storage service that allows you to save images, documents, presentations, and videos in a private space. So you can access information from anywhere with internet connection.

Learn how to use the shared mailbox

This allows users to share their email inboxes with different users. Which allows you to send and view emails from an ordinary mailbox.

Multiple people edit one document at a time

Allow users edit simultaneously files that were sent through Drive. This means that several people can edit a document at the same time.