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Gmail How to send personalized emails from Gmail without spam or displaying addresses

Gmail How to send personalized emails from Gmail without spam or displaying addresses

The way Google has revolutionized society is expanding into all possible areas thanks to its wide range of complementary tools. Especially through the Gmail email service, which quickly positioned itself as the most popular communication application on the market, by easy synchronization between personal electronic devices.

Despite the fact that he has a 15 GB free storage, mentioned that storage is shared between various Google services and not only Gmail, but also Google Drive and Google Photos, so it is recommended to buy more Google storage space if you work regularly with the platform, to prevent problems of lack of space-bar.

Similarly, there are several methods available to manually free up space on Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos manually to save storage space and you don’t have to spend money on Premium plans, if you still don’t consider them absolutely necessary based on your use of Google services.

With Google services, you can perform any type of task quickly and efficiently, it’s all a matter of knowing the basic functions of each service and how to use them so that everything runs smoothly. For this reason, today we’ll show you how to send personalized mass emails from Gmail without spam and without displaying addresses.

Send personalized email in bulk to Gmail

Sending bulk emails to Gmail has always been a problem for its users because the recipient list is visible to everyone, which can lead to security and privacy breaches that fortunately pave the way for any kind of computer attack. there are measures to prevent the list of recipients from being made public to all.

Among the options available to hide this list of recipients in the email, you can use a hidden carbon copy or through a specialized service that is compatible with Gmail. The method of using Hidden Carbon Copy is completely simple, just follow the steps below:

Sign in to Gmail and click ‘Compose’ to create bulk email. Later, In the «To» field you have to mark the Cco option on the left and then enter the email addresses of the comma-separated recipients. Complete the process by typing the message you want to broadcast and then pressing the «Send» button.

Now, you need to keep in mind that your message isn’t automatically filtered in the recipients’ Spam folder. stay within the daily email limit that Gmail allows, It would be 500 emails or a single email to 500 recipients. Once you exceed this limit, the message will be filtered as spam or you will simply not be able to send it.

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It’s also important to note that within Gmail, it’s impossible to customize bulk email using The Hidden Coal Cup Instrument, creating limitations on using Gmail as a digital marketing tool compared to other services, such as MDirector, which is entirely dedicated to the marketing area.

Restrictions on bulk emailing in Gmail

Despite the commercial limitations of sending bulk email to Gmail for digital marketing, it is still an effective tool for work environments, that’s why it’s a good idea to create a corporate or business Gmail email and interact more directly with employees and customers to establish a connection.

However, because Gmail is not designed for bulk email, it is not they have a statistics service study the impact of the message on the recipients as other services, so that you do not have any type of statistical report or mail opening rate data available.

Therefore, this can lead to a bad reputation due to the low click-through rate on an email and having no idea what recipients appreciate, which can cause your messages to flow automatically. in the Spam folder.