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Gmail How to Save Gmail Emails in PDF Files – The Best Step-by-Step Methods There are several methods to save a Gmail email in PDF format, …

Gmail How to Save Gmail Emails in PDF Files - The Best Step-by-Step Methods There are several methods to save a Gmail email in PDF format, ...

There are several methods save a Gmail email in PDF formatOne way is to copy the content of the message and paste it into a new PDF document, another is directly in the message from the «print» option.

You can do endless things get the file in PDF formatIf I send you an e-mail attachment, such as a text document or image, you can convert these files to PDF. In other words, there is a method of converting Word to PDF and pampering it with images.

That is, you can convert PNG or JPG to PDF, you can use even more features of the same browser as extensions to save or manage your emails, and if that’s not enough, there are professional programs and tools that handle the format of your emails when you save them.

But if you do not want to convert the attachments received and what you want is a full view of messages You need to follow a few procedures, here to find out how to do it, we show you how.

What is the procedure for saving Gmail emails in PDF format?

The best method of save Gmail emails in PDF It is directly in the body of the message, these steps exist for mobile phones or computers. You should know that the steps are similar, as it is a feature of the Gmail platform.

From the phone

Go to the latest version of the Play Store and download «Gmail» after you’re done.

Also, in this interface you will be able to choose a printer, of course you will not choose any, but in one of the options this is the one you need, this is «Save as PDF«When you touch this, click accept and you’re done. your email will be downloaded to your mobile phone in PDF format.

the procedure for saving the email in pdf

From the site

You can perform the same steps from the computer, or the website, remember that you need to enter the message to view the «Print» option, clicking on it will open a pop-up window with your default printer, you need to change it to the «Save as» option PDF ”.

How do I add a Chrome extension to save Gmail emails?

There is a way save emails in PDF format With an extension you just need to open the chrome web store and type in your search engine «Save email to PDF» you will find a number of extensions, although they all work differently, the same method.

They show your e-mail message on a portable window, and you can save the email in the desired format, preferably PDF, in this interface of the Chrome extension with the mouse.

Also, to install the extension, just click on its name and then where it says «Add to Chrome», you will receive a confirmation window click «Add extension» and voila, you will notice that it is downloaded and installed automatically.

chrome format extensions available

The best external tools to save a Gmail email in PDF format

In addition to all the methods mentioned there are external programs and applications who are responsible for converting emails, not just file converters, these are tools that specifically serve emails. These can be:

Total Webmail Converter

It is an application that allows convert emails to different formats, such as PDF, HTML, TXT, among others, of course, works with various platforms, such as Gmail and Yahoo! You can convert multiple emails at once and even generate reports, headers, and footers.

Save emails in PDF

Saving emails in PDF is a Google Chrome extension, which of course you can find in the Chrome Web Store, the best thing about this tool is that you can save your emails in PDF format with a single click and that’s it. You only need to set it up once you’ve added it to your browser.

You can do other functions with this extension, such as combining messages, backing up, and making it easier to view emails.