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Gmail How to create a folder in Gmail without the need for external programs From your Gmail account you can create all the folders you want …

Gmail How to create a folder in Gmail without the need for external programs From your Gmail account you can create all the folders you want ...

From your Gmail account you can create all the folders you want without the need for software, as one of the benefits of this email service is the ability to create labels and customize them to suit your needs.

We all want to create folders to organize our Gmail, but more than folders are labels. I mean, what we’re adding is labels in which the mails will be organized the e-mails assigned to it, for example, if you create a tag with the name «Register», you can save all related messages in it.

To create a folder or label in Gmail without the need for external programs, just open the menu and click on «Create a new label”, You can do this procedure on your computer and then the folders or labels you create are automatically reflected in the mobile application.

What are the folders in a Gmail account for?

The main purpose of creating folders or labels is organizes all emails according to their categoryWhen you enter Gmail, we can find several defaults, such as «Social» or «Promotions», you’ll notice that the social label contains all the emails that come from your social networks affiliated with that Gmail email address.

Furthermore you can create subfolders, to separate these categories. For example, if you create a folder named «Food», you can create multiple folders with the name, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in it, so you have better control over your emails, and when you find one , it will be easier to search.

What’s the difference if I don’t create folders to store my content?

If you don’t create folders or labels, the difference is that all emails will be in the «Main» tag and you’ll have to navigate through it until you find the email you need or use the search bar at the top of the interface, type an associated phrase, and several options will appear.

No matter how you look for an email, if they are not organized on labels, it is slower search process, especially when you have a large number or receive a massive number of messages depending on your work, so creating tags in Gmail to organize yourself is the best option for these users.

What can I organize in Google email masks?

In the Google e-mail service «Gmail», messages of all kinds arrive, whether they are text, multimedia, attachments or large files, such as programs, due to which they can be organized in email folders all kinds of messages you receiveOf course, the order will depend on the category of the message.

For example, you can create tags with the name, «Attachments» and if you receive an email with an attached document you can assign it to this folderAnother example would be creating one with the name «Bank» and selecting all messages from the bank and sending them to this label.

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How do I create a file folder in Gmail?

When you create a file folder on any device the process is very similarBecause the Gmail platform is responsible for this, of course, it changes slightly depending on the system you’re using:

Inside your Android device

You should know that creating tags to organize Gmail on Android, it is not possibleYou need to do this from your computer, and the ones you create will be immediately displayed in your Gmail application.

With an iOS device

  1. Open the Gmail app and display the options menu.
  2. Click the «Create» option in the «Labels» section.
  3. Type a name and click where it says «Done».

You should know that all the folders you create with your iOS device will be in the menu on the left, and to place an email, you need to go to the main mailbox, select it, and then send it to your new label.

Do it from any computer

There are two ways to create folders or tags on any computer, because regardless of the operating system, the Gmail service is responsible for providing methods for creating these tags, so you can display the menu and click «Create a new label«And voila or otherwise would be:

  1. Open Gmail on your computer.
  2. Click the settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Click «View all settings» and then the «Labels» section.
  4. Go to the bottom and click «Create a new label» and you’re done.

Similarly, when you create a label, it will appear in the menu on the left and you can add emails to it, selecting them and moving to the folder you created or whatever you want.

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How do I create subfolders in Google Mail?

You need to know that you can create subfolders to organize categories that have subcategories. Even when you create a label on your PC, you will see «Nest inside label:» option.

Just write a name and choose this option, you will notice that you can select an already created label, in doing so, the new label will be assigned as a subfolder of the one you choose.

How do I delete a folder from my Gmail account?

Of course, to delete a folder or tag from the email you need to log in and enter your Gmail account, you will notice that when you hover your mouse over the mask, 3 dots are displayed, clicking on them will open a window with options, including the deletion of the labelSimply click on this option, confirm the process and voila, your folder is permanently deleted.