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Gmail How do I insert hyperlinks in images in Gmail? Tutorial When you enter Gmail and send an email, …

Gmail How do I insert hyperlinks in images in Gmail?  Tutorial When you enter Gmail and send an email, ...

When we enter Gmail and send an email, we can see that there are many options for editing our messages. One in particular and that will be of great help to you, is the possibility insert hyperlinks to your emails. Before we continue, we want you to know that this gives you a huge advantage, as you can create custom signatures with hyperlinks in Gmail.

How many features does Google offer in its Gmail platform?

To make your viewing easier different functions that this platform hasWe recommend that you open your Gmail account and go through the various options it offers with us.

Gmail has basic features

  1. Change the font

Just like in Word or other word processors, you have ability to change the font or font that will have the text to write. Sure, compared to Microsoft Word and other programs, the options aren’t that wide, but the ones they have are enough to choose a good font with a professional style.

  1. Text size

It is another parameter that you can change at will. Something really useful when you want to highlight something of great importance or add titles and subtitles for easier reading.

  1. Bold, italic and underlined

Another extremely useful function for mark and highlight paragraphs, keywords and ideas of great importance in the text you are going to write in the e-mail.

  1. Alignment and bullets

On the one hand, you have the option to write in flag format, centered or all right-aligned. And, on the other hand, you will find the ability to add two types of bullets: those that use numbers and those that use only black dots.

  1. Attach files

This option is the most used by the vast majority of users because we allows you to attach all kinds of files in its various formats. Of course, there is a weight limit that the platform accepts or allows.

  1. Insert hyperlinks

It is very little used, but extremely useful for this special case. It doesn’t matter what type of link you want to insert in the text, whether it’s a shortened link with a free tool or a link to an official page. When you select this option, it will ask you what the displayed text will be and the link you want to enter.

steps to add hyperlinks in Gmail

Advanced and intelligent functions

In order not to expand too much with these functions, some of the most notable are the following:

  • Ability to automatically filter and classify emails
  • Trigger suggestions for high-priority emails and notifications
  • Suggestions in smart and assisted searches
  • Possibility to create events and calendars

What do message-embedded hyperlinks allow us to do?

This allows us to hide a link that is too long and not optimized at all add it in a keyword or relevant phrase and which is closely related to the content of this link.

In addition, adding links in emails helps us maintain a good aesthetic, especially when it comes to a company, business or service you offer. Needless to say, it is much more comfortable simply click on an added hyperlink, than copying and pasting a link into the search engine.

How do you insert a hyperlink in your Gmail image?

Now we will explain the steps and different ways to add hyperlinks in Gmail images. In fact, if you have knowledge on how to add and remove hyperlinks in Word 2019, the process will be very easy.

Start creating your email as usual

The main thing is that you go to your email account and, once inside, select the Compose option, it is in the upper left corner of the screen. A window will automatically be activated in the lower right where you will write the text, you will add the recipient and subject of the email.

Select Insert photo and upload the desired image

Now go to the panel below where you are shown all the options and choose the Insert image option. A window will open in which you will search the computer for the image you want to upload and send. It’s important not to select the clip option that allows you to attach a file, but you need to do so choose the image icon that is near the end.

add hyperlinks to Gmail

Select the image you uploaded

When you do, a Gmail window will open in which you can choose a photo, regardless of whether you have stored in your Google Drive accountIn the albums you previously created, upload a photo from your computer or copy the image link to the internet.

Find and select Insert hyperlink

In your case, you will go to the last option. Now you will copy the link there and wait for the default image to load. Note that the image that appears must be exactly the one in the link you pasted there.

Configure what you are asked to do and click OK

What remains to be done is to click on the insert and that’s it. By default, the image will be uploaded exactly the same as when you attached the file to your computer, of course, the difference is that it has a hyperlink that will take you to a website.

What will the recipient see when the email arrives?

The recipient will see all the information which you added to the message, be it texts, attachments (photos, images, videos, among others), as well as images and hyperlinks that you added manually.

Is there any other way to add a hyperlink to an email?

Yes, and this is by selecting the third option that appears below the email you are editing. When you select it, it will ask you what text the other person will see and more below will ask you to add the link. When you accept all changes, the same text will appear in your email, but in blue and underlined, indicating that it is a hyperlink that you have created.