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Gmail How do I create folders to organize my Gmail account? – Guide to Android Gmail’s free email service in its latest updates …

Gmail How do I create folders to organize my Gmail account?  - Guide to Android Gmail's free email service in its latest updates ...

Gmail’s free email service has been incorporated in its latest updates design options in its interface. In other words, a user can change the Gmail wallpaper, even organize their account with folders.

Although this option is not yet available for the mobile version of Gmail. I mean just that you can organize your emails with folders on the webYou can use your mobile phone, but using the browser with «Desktop View» in this mode, these options will be available.

Also, when you’re already in the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll notice this the option to «create labels» or «Manage tags» is not at a glance, to see them you need to display the menu on the left side of the interface.

Click where it says «More» and you will find the options, if they are not the typical folders we all know, although the function is the same with this method you will be organizing your tagged emails, to separate the messages that reach you according to their subject.

e-mail with the order label

What are the default tags in your Gmail account?

When you enter your Gmail email account, you’ll notice that there are multiple tags at the top as well Your emails are already organized by function from that. If you want to know the function of each, here you will find out how to do it, we will teach you.

Main label ‘

In this section you will find all emails from other usersIn addition to the messages on the pages you have subscribed to, of course, the same Google system will also send you «Security Alerts» messages. If you’ve used Gmail on another device, this notification will reach this tag.

So the main label is where all emails arrive with the highest priorityOf course, if you want, you can change them for another section just by changing their label.


As the name suggests, you will find all of them on this label emails coming from social networks, of course, depending on your setup. I mean, use Facebook and you have the option to send emails with requests from friends or comments to your photos, they’ll end up in this section of Gmail.

Also, with all the social networks you sign up for using Gmail, it’s recommended that you keep this tag and make no changes, otherwise you can messages are leaking from social networks the «Main» label

default Gmail tags


Everyone will end up on this label Marketing emails, of those interests of social and political causes and, of course, of all those related to offers and promotions.


Here you will find all the messages the emails you receive from the forumsYou should know that this tag is the default in some countries, in others you need to go to «Manage tags» and make it visible.

How do I take advantage of creating folders in Gmail?

Of course, creating labels and folders in Gmail is to organize yourselfIt is very inconvenient to search and go through the «Main» tag, to find an e-mail, if you use the search bar at the top of the interface, all the messages related to the ones you type will be displayed.

Then, with the help of tags, you can organize your e-mail box even if they come from the same user, you can host them according to topics, attachments or by the category you prefer, so they will always be available when you need them.

So you can create new folders for your account on your «iOS» mobile device

From an iOS phone you can create folder tags in the same way as in Android, as this process has been mentioned it can only be done from the Web version. In other words, you will use the browser in the same way. So, if you have an iOS, follow these steps:

Show the menu on the left in the Gmail app

When you’re in the desktop version of Gmail drag down the menu on the left in order to find options to «create tags» or «Manage tags».

left menu gmail

Select «create a new label»

By clicking on the option «create a new label«A two-stripe window will appear, one is to write the name of the label and the other is to decide if you want to add this label to another.

Give it a name

Of course you have to name your labelWhether you’re creating a new one or adding it to another, you need to know that emails don’t end up on their own, you need to go to the «Home» section and select the emails you want to transfer to the new label or folder.

Select the emails for that tag

You can too select those emails and other tags To organize them where you decide, you also have the option to make them appear in the interface as the main one.

create Gmail folders in web version only

Change the default label

All incoming emails have a default tag, but of course you can change it, for this select the message and at the top, the tag icon will be activated, just click on it and you can assign the desired folder.

How do I create folders in Gmail for my computer?

It’s much easier to create folders on your computer, just log in and enter your Gmail account, from your favorite browser, which is already in the interface.

Go to the «More» option in the sidebar

Also, in the menu on the left, you will see the «More» option when you click on it the same menu will increase with new options, at the end of which are the options to «create new tags» or «Manage tags».

Click «New Label»

Doing this alone you must assign a name to your folder. or tag and voila, you just need to set it up to display the message or tag bar, but this is your preference. Good luck!