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Gmail: Google will finally stop spying on your emails!

Gmail: Google will finally stop spying on your emails!

Gmail will eventually stop scanning your emails without your knowledge to show targeted advertising. Google announced in a press release the end of this practice denounced for years by users. However, artificial intelligence can still scan the content of your message, in some cases, to give you certain features, such as smart replies or paid services.

Surprise! Surprise! Google has announced that it will stop spying on users Gmail for advertising purposes. This change, which is already standard for paid G Suite users, will be available to all Gmail users later this year. This does not mean that you will no longer see ads in Gmail, but they will be less targeted. At least not because of the content of your emails.

Gmail: Google announces the end of targeted ads based on reading emails


If in doubt, this does not mean that your emails are kept safe against prying eyes: they can still be read by artificial intelligence to provide you with value-added services. For example, possible replies to your messages or other add-ons, such as payments and integrated billing. It is not yet known whether it will be possible to deactivate these supplements.

For years, many users (or former users) of the service have criticized the company for invading our privacy to sell, among other things, ultra-targeted ads. In the company’s official press release, Google explains that the reason for these changes is the convergence between the free suite and the paid suite, based on the «success» of the G Suite.

These payment services reserved for professionals would have exceeded 3 million users … worldwide. Compared to the nearly 1 billion free active users of Gmail and Gmail.

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