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Give Chrome a tab switch to save time

Give Chrome a tab switch to save time

When I work on a computer these days, I tend to think that Chrome is my desktop. And really, no wonder: whether I use it Chrome operating system or Windows, almost everything I do now takes place in the browser or in some form.

And yet, by default, Chrome isn’t exactly designed for act like a desktop computer. Too many parts are simply missing and too many opportunities to improve efficiency are overlooked. So, little by little, I was looking for creative ways to fill these gaps and turn my browser into a real desktop productivity tool.

Because I’ve already replaced Chrome’s almost useless new tab page with a «home screen» much more efficient , I thought about the next article that was missing from my makeshift desktop environment and realized that it is an effective tab changer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m using one switch business constantly when I work. Pressing Alt-Tab is such a quick and easy way to switch from one application, window, or process to another, and I always have at least a dozen different things open to switch between.

But when these things include browser windows with more tabs within them, the traditional load switch suddenly becomes much less useful. Most of the time, I try to get to a certain tab, somewhere and I end up relying on luck and / or memory to find the window in which it is.

Best of all? It all takes about 20 seconds to set up.

20 seconds until a smarter tab change

The first and unique The real step to give the browser its own efficient tab changer is to install the file Tab Switcher extension with The correct name in Chrome. It is not the only extension of its kind, but after trying too many similar programs, I found that it is the best, for its simplicity, ease of use, minimalist design and also the emphasis on privacy and transparency – the extension makes does not collect or store data and maybe even examine your code confirm it because it is open source and available for any review.

After installing the Tab Switcher extension, you’ll see a new icon to the right of Chrome’s address bar – a rectangular box that looks like a browser window with a magnifying glass on top. But the smartest way to use the new tab switch doesn’t involve interacting with that icon at all; instead, it’s about adopting the keyboard shortcut of the extension: Ctrl-Shift-K (or Cmd-Shift-K, on ​​a Mac).

Press these three keys together or change the sequence to something else, if you prefer, by typing chrome: extensions / shortcuts in the address bar and look for the extension in the list on that page and bam: look, erm, pixels with a nicely formatted list of all open tabs and windows in it.


However, here’s the real beauty of this setting: once you’ve turned on the tab switch, all you have to do is start typing the name of the tab you want to find, any words in its title or address, your software will narrow down the list with each letter you type. It usually only takes a letter or two and you will see the tab you are looking for at the top of the tab switch window. Then you can just press Enter and you’ll be sent to that tab faster than you can say «hot tab tricks».

Chrome File Selector (2)

Tab Switcher has other interesting tricks (you could even say interesting) up your sleeve. For example, the software allows you to quickly close tabs by clicking «x» next to them on the switch. You can also drag and drop tabs between windows directly into their interface and they will instantly change position in your real browser. You can even ask Tab Switcher to sort your tabs alphabetically by URL, in their actual position in your browser windows, by typing : fel in the search box. And you can «deduct» the tabs using command : dd , which leaves you with a single open active instance of any site.

But the basic basic switch really makes this extension worth having and makes your browser a much more desktop-like, more efficient and comprehensive experience.