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Games How to play Magic Cat Academy in Google Doodle – Game Guide and Access Technology has advanced so much that not only has it allowed …

Games How to play Magic Cat Academy in Google Doodle - Game Guide and Access Technology has advanced so much that not only has it allowed ...

Technology has advanced so much that it has not only allowed us to meet people or find a job on the web; but it has also contributed to a multitude of things, such as sharing apps and games via Bluetooth, and helped us get a new way to distract ourselves in our free time.

Google has also contributed to the entertainment of its users by launching Doodles on certain occasions (a curious form of letters or game that the platform presents to us), which allow access to a myriad of information and also games. One of the most popular was Magic Cat Academy, launched on Halloween in 2016.

Keep reading and learn more about this fun and terrifying game that will help you make your free time more fun.

What is Magic Cat Academy about?

Magic Cat Academy is a game created in 2016 and it is about a kitten that belongs to a school of magic. In this fun game, you will be able to observe and enjoy 5 levels in which the kitten Momo and her friends will have to fight against a horde of ghosts that appear along the way.

magic cat academy characters

Players go to control Momo, who mistakenly summons ghosts to steal a spell card from the School of Magic. Momo must fight ghosts and bosses like Ghost of Big Boss, an immortal jellyfish, a vampire squid and Anglerfish., which are terrible and scary.

This special kitten he has a magic wand Like all magicians, users who immerse themselves in their world will have to draw on the screen the symbols that will appear as a monster appears on the road.

But What will be the places where the monsters will appear?The school library, the classroom, the gym, the cafe and the roof are some of those incredible places where you have to help Momo defeat those terrifying ghosts. These ghosts are defeated by dragging and clicking with the mousse in certain directions, indicated by the symbol that will appear on the ghost’s head.

fight ghosts in the magic cat academy

The sliding directions you will need to recreate include a horizontal line, a vertical line, a «v» shape, a «ʌ» shape, and lightning that will destroy these Momo enemies, and you may need to swipe at some point. your heart-shaped mousse to regain the health of this kitten.

How do I access the Magic Cat Academy game from Google?

In order to access the game Magic Cat Academy and enjoy the terrifying adventures of the kitten Momo, the first thing you should do is:

  1. Enter your Google Doodle repository.
  2. Once inside, click on the «Play» icon at the top of the screen to start the game.
  3. Then you will see on the screen a brief summary of how the ghosts invaded the school of which the Momo Kitten is a part. Emphasizing that you can skip this summary in that icon.
  4. Then a tutorial will appear on the screen that will teach you how to play this fun game (you need to draw a horizontal line to defeat the ghosts whose life will be red and a vertical line to defeat the blue ghosts).
  5. Ready! Once the above is met, you will embark on a horror adventure.

Who are the heads of the Magic Cat Academy?

There are many bosses in Magic Cat Academy, one of them is an immortal jellyfish; another is a swamp school, a vampire squid, a monkfish, and finally the strongest chief is an underwater volcano.

What other games can I find on the Google Doodle portal?

In the portal of this great platform, you can find other fun games that will serve as a distraction when you want to have a different time. They differ from them:


Pacman was one of the most popular games released in 1980, becoming a global phenomenon in the video game the magic cat academy

This great game even won a Guinness record for the most successful arcade video game, with approximately 293,822 cars sold between 1981 and 1987.

But what does it consist of? the player who controls Pacman must eat all the points he finds in the closed maze; that if, with the difficult task of avoiding being eaten by the four colored ghosts trying to touch it. These ghosts have a unique personality, which makes each of them more effective in a certain corner of the game.

Each point consumed by Pacman will add 10 points to the game score.

High points are worth 50 points and when eaten, causes the ghosts to turn blue and run away from Pacman for a limited time, being able in this state to eat Pacman and thus obtain a bonus. If you want to distract the ghosts, turn to one side and quickly to the opposite side.

Also, as you progress through the levels, you will find fruits that, when consumed by Pacman, will add more points to the dashboard.

One of the visible features when you play is that Pacman will become faster when he encounters a points free. When playing, you should keep in mind that the most dangerous place in the maze is at the bottom of it. Instead, the safest place will be next to the ghost guard.


This is another of the most popular games you can find on Google Doodle, with some of the biggest entertainment methods in the industry.

Wondering how to play Solitaire on Google Doodle ?; the game is very simple and, as its name suggests, it is only for one person.

solitary game

First, you need to order the cards in the pack from King to ACE, alternating red or black. As for the Order, you will need to have a sequence of K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and AS.

To start the game, you will need to have a pack of 52 cards, which could be this, Spanish or poker cards. The books are four two-color suits that contain shapes inside the hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

The books are arranged in seven columns; the other books are face down. As you play, the game allows you to move the cards to different columns to reveal the hidden ones.

If you notice that there is no movement, you can draw the cards that are face down.


UNO is also another classic in card games.

In this case, The first thing to do is to deal 7 cards per player. In turn, the cards of the same color or type will be placed (unless they are black). Cards that contain a special action will change the game, also helping to defeat the other players. You will have 25 books of each color distributed between green, blue, red and yellow.