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Games How to play dinosaur or Dino T-Rex game on Google Chrome with or without internet

Games How to play dinosaur or Dino T-Rex game on Google Chrome with or without internet

We all know beauty Google’s Dino T-Rex. Browse and suddenly run out of the Internet and it seems like the whole world stops for a moment and suddenly you will be caught in the past. Then this pixelated character appears and you start to push him forward, overcoming obstacles, jumping and sinking his head, like someone who wants to reach the future again.

This game was born in 2014 and its creators just wanted to play with the irony of this concept that being offline is like being in prehistory. The result was that the dinosaur won the hearts of many and now you can play it whether you go offline or stay in the present.

Google’s Dino T-Rex has been accounted for it is played at least 270 million times a month both on computers and on mobile phones. So it’s time to learn how to play it whenever we want. And if you’re a parent, you might find an ally in this beautiful game at times, remember to block adult content pages in Google Chrome and move on!

How do you play Dino T-Rex from Google?

Before we continue, let’s take a look at the basics, in case you don’t know this popular game and have no idea how to play it. The first thing you will face is a gray pixel dinosaur lead.

When you press the space bar, it will start running through a landscape of simple drawings, where we will see how the obstacles to overcome appear. For this you have to use the arrow keys as follows. Left, speed up the race, right, slow down. With the down arrow you squat T-Rex to avoid the pterodactyls that come to attack.

The space bar is used to jump. To make a long jump, press the bar more, and for short jumps, press the space bar and the down arrow. In case you need to breathe with the ALT key you can interrupt the game.

If you are on your mobile phone, just tap the screen to give instructions to the little T-Rex. Do not forget that the further you advance, the faster the game will move. I bet you already feel like installing Google Chrome on Android and setting Google as your default homepage.

Play Dino T-Rex without losing connection

To be able to play with Dino T-Rex without having to disconnect from the InternetJust go to one of the pages where you can find the option to enjoy it in Online mode. Some of these pages are GitHub and Scratch. There you will be in the foreground with the game’s home page and you just have to press the space bar to start.

Dino T-Rex for download

One of the advantages of owning an Android smartphone is that you can Download the Dino T-Rex game from Google, from Play Store, like any other application.

Similar games to Dino T-Rex

Come to think of it, some ads on the web have designed some games similar to the beloved Dino T-Rex, basing their differences mainly on design, but keeping the same basic and simple principle that has captured so many followers. For example, we have Novas Coisas, whose main character is a Ninja. Or, if you prefer, you can be a cute bear with Kumamon Runner

Is there an end to this game?

The developers assure that this game is not infinite, in fact, has a set duration. For 17 million years! Of course, this alludes to the number of years the species Tyrannosaurus Rex is thought to have lived on our planet.

download dino t-rex from your mobile phone

But the truth is that the game has an end, or at least something similar. After several players and Youtubers decided to dedicate enough time to it, even under the challenge of playing a live game for a whole year, they managed to reach what is supposed to be the end of the game.

The whole thing is to be done bring the dial to 99,999. At that moment, you will receive a card from the game and … The score will be reset to zero! How far have you come?