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Games How to create Android video games with Giphy Arcade without knowing how to program easily

Games How to create Android video games with Giphy Arcade without knowing how to program easily

Currently, players have many possibilities, now they have their own platform, such as Twitch, which helps them share with other players around the world. video game experiences and expertise, in addition to seeing rides and championships with the best game and players.

They can enjoy games like Fortnite and Fall Guys that they can play with people who are thousands of miles away in the early days of video games, this gaming experience and sharing with others took place in the Arcade where players met and faced more experienced others.

The Giphy Arcade page not only offers the most nostalgic the opportunity to play arcade games, but to create them in a simple and quite customizable way.

What is Giphy Arcade?

Giphy is a database that allows you to share and create animations in gif format, Giphy Arcade is a section of this page that allows us offers the opportunity to play and create our own mini-games.

The page gives us different options to create the game with templates with different mechanics, and we can as well customize the playable character Using the stickers available on the page or if we want, we can also upload our own and, in this way, we personalize our creation even more.

Giphy Arcade gives you the ability to customize characters. obstacles and objects and gives you 10 templates with different types of games with well-defined mechanics.

Game templates available

Floppy bard: It is inspired by the famous game Flappy Bird which went viral in 2013 and sparked hundreds of clones.

Balls and walls: It consists of 3 levels, we have to draw lines in which an object will jump, the goal is to make it touch another object that is on the screen.

Central defender: The objective is to defend an object that is in the center of the screen, firing ammunition at an enemy who wants to destroy it.

runner: Here the goal will be to avoid the various obstacles and enemies that will appear in front of our character until we reach the goal.

Explode them: It is inspired by Space Invader, in this version the playable character will shoot automatically and our goal will be to move it to avoid or eliminate the enemies that descend on the screen.

Take them all: The goal is simple, catch all the objects coming down from the screen before time runs out.

Slingshot to Goal: You have to shoot an object and go through 2 obstacles on the right of the screen until you reach the target. You must use the pointer to set the direction and force of the object.

Wall border: Inspired by the game Road Fighter, we must move sideways and avoid the approaching obstacles until we reach the goal.

Airdrop: The aim of these games is to move an object that holds another object with an elastic thread and we will have to insert the objects that fall into the latter, all this we will have to do avoiding obstacles.

Brick buster: Inspired by Arkanoid, we need to prevent a ball from falling while destroying the bricks at the top of the screen with it.

Create a game using Giphy

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the Giphy Games page
  2. While there press the button Remix which is at the top right of the screen
  3. The 10 game modes will appear, we will choose one and press the button Next stepcreating a game using giphy arcade
  4. Depending on our choice, we will choose the gifs that will animate us character, enemy, obstacle and purpose, and when we complete our choice, we offer Next step. As we progress, we can see how our game is going on the left side of the screen
  5. We will choose the environment in which the game will take place and then between 21 songs one for our game
  6. In the end we will call our creation and voila, we can share our game with anyone we want via a URL.

We can also create a game from our smartphone, the only difference is that when we add the gifs, we won’t be able to see them but until the game is over.