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Games How to create an account on EA Origin to buy and download video games for PC, PS4 or mobile

Games How to create an account on EA Origin to buy and download video games for PC, PS4 or mobile

The Internet has revolutionized all aspects of our lives, facilitating all work and educational processes. In particular, they have revolutionized the way we watch video games as a means of entertainment, creating an industry in itself around them, being more and more complex and detailed, improving with each generation of consoles.

Improving the experience of playing video games, making it more interactive from online games with users from all over the world, cWith the ability to record the games I play on my mobile phone with my face on screen and audio, so you can reduce the distances and create a platform where you can demonstrate your skills while meeting new people.

Through various streaming and video platforms that currently exist, video games have managed to provide a mutual experience between different users. You can now stream YouTube live from your mobile phone without any hassle to show off your games, for entertainment or business reasons.

Currently, the main platform for live streaming video games would be Twitch, where you can stream for free or enjoy other users’ games and e-sports tournaments. Within the platform you can know how many subscribers a Twitch channel has by putting a subscriber counter to analyze what type of content generates the largest audience.

Likewise, it becomes easier buy digital games on all types of platforms from different companies, such as EA Origin or Rockstar. The advantage of this type of platform is the ease of its interface to download video games, while it is possible to interact with friends or strangers to develop your personal profile.

Being a cross-platform service, EA Origin is one of the most used platforms today due to the wide range of video games ordered by categories within it, to download as many times as you want. With that in mind, we’ll show you today How to create an account on EA Origin to buy and download video games for PC, PS4 or mobile.

How to create an account on EA Origin

Having an EA Origin account is essential today in the Gamer universe, as it allows you to access one of the largest video game galleries in existence, have new video games available at release date and enjoy special offers and events. In a way, an EA Origin account facilitates and optimizes your experience as a player.

To register for EA Origin, all you have to do is open your browser and go to the official EA Origin website. Once on the page, you need to locate it Registration section under the Login box and click it to start the process. Then you need to enter your user data, such as location and date of birth.

Once you accept EA’s security policy and cookie policies, you must do so enter an email and a password of at least 8 characters that includes at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter. It is important that the email you enter is a regular one to be up to date with all the exclusive offers from EA Origin.

To finish, just enter one Public ID that will be your username to identify you within the platform, confirm that you are not a robot and complete by adding a security question and answer to complete the registration process.

Sync your EA Origin account with PS4

In order for your EA Origin account to be connected to your PSN account on the console, you simply need to have both accounts registered in the same email, so that when you enter a game from the EA Origin platform and request login to Origin profile. . Once you’ve done that, account will remain open inside the console and fully synchronized with the PSN.

PS4 Controller to Play Original Video Games

It is also important to note that you can perform the same process within other EA Origin compatible consoles to synchronize them inside them. While on PC and mobile, as they are not platforms entirely dedicated to video games, you just need to connect quietly without worrying about any syncing process.