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Free fast VPN 2021 | PREMIUM VPN completely FREE

Free fast VPN 2021 |  PREMIUM VPN completely FREE

Today we present the application Free fast VPN 2021, an application of premium VPN servers but completely free.

The need to have a good VPN service It is essential in many cases, one of which, for example, is that it allows us to bypass geo-blocking restrictions when an application or other type of content or service has been restricted to a particular country.

Another good example of using VPNs is undoubtedly their use to avoid the limitations of most file servers, ie when we reach the allowed limit for downloads or multimedia streaming and have to wait X hours.

Who hasn’t used or heard of the KODI multimedia platform? And who hasn’t suffered the annoying interruptions in the middle of a movie because they’ve run out of time? Because with a good VPN it won’t be a problem anymore.

I know there are thousands of VPN applications, but not all of them offer fast servers and unlimited bandwidth.

Free fast VPN 2021 includes a long List of VPN servers in different countries and continents, completely free and with an impressive download and upload speed.

The only thing that differentiates this free app from any premium VPN with a monthly payment is that it contains advertising, but considering that to use VPN and cchange IP address and / or country You only have to open the application for a few seconds, it is completely regardless of whether it shows us an advertising banner.

Free fast unlimited VPN servers 2021 and fast VPN

Free premium VPN servers without any subscription, payment or bandwidth or usage time limitations.

Free Fast VPN 2021 is compatible with Android TV Box and with virtually any mobile phone, tablet, or other device running one of the Android versions.

To use the application you just need to Download it for free from the Goole Play Store, install it and open it every time we want to activate the VPN or change the IP or country.

Once we have connected to the selected IP, it is no longer necessary to keep the application open and we can close it. We will know that the server is active because we will see a key icon on the taskbar.

Free fast VPN 2021 connected

Frequent questions

Is it legal to use VPN servers?

In general, yes, it is legal to use a VPN server to protect our privacy, but in some countries that block access to social networks or online services, they may not be allowed, as VPN would make it easier to circumvent these restrictions.

Is it safe to use VPN?

The connection between our device and the VPN server is encrypted, so it is 100% secure, but in addition, VPN acts as a firewall between us and any possible attacker.

Will VPN make us 100% anonymous?

It depends, in front of the registrations of the pages and sites we pass, we will leave the VPN imprint instead of ours, ie different country and IP, so until then we will be anonymous, but VPN services are required by law to reveal actual connection data if applicable.

If I change the ip, then it recovers?

Of course, yes, in fact the ip does not change, but it is masked by a proxy.