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Fortnite How to download Fortnite in its latest version step by step – Full tutorial Every day, more and more people are caught …

Fortnite How to download Fortnite in its latest version step by step - Full tutorial Every day, more and more people are caught ...

Every day, more and more people connect to the Furnished game and want to download it. Well, this is a very fun game that it has many features and functions. In addition, the updates mean that there are important cameos, such as seeing the Avengers in the game arena.

For these reasons, we will review how to download Fornite in its latest version on any device. In the same way, we will see the minimum requirements that the game requires to download and install.

What is Epic Games’ Fortnite video game about?

This is a video game launched in 2017 and distributed by the developer Epic Games. It is based on the fact that you can play online with people from anywhere in the world.

In this game there are several worlds in which one of the biggest attractions is that you can interact in real time with other players. In the beginning, the game was quite different from what we can find now. Since when, before Escape and fight the zombies in addition to forming alliances with other players to destroy them.

However, this mode did not have a good reception among the players, which made the game evolve. Today, a battle royale is played with the participation of 100 users in free mode for all. The goal is simple, survive the other 99 participants and win the game.

Other features of the game Furnished are popular skins, that is, the avatars or outfits that can be chosen. In this sense, Fornite is updated together with the big cinematic events.

Since lately characters like Thor, Iron Man and Thanos himself of Marvel. Characters such as Batman, John Wick and Ralph also appeared in the game. All these characters can be modified and given strange names and nicknames.

What are the specifications that the devices must meet to download Fortnite?

To download and install Fornite on any device, the device must meet a set of specifications. These are the so-called minimum requirements that devices must have to run any software.

When it comes to mobile devices, your mobile phone or tablet must have at least 42.5 megabytes of memory. This is the same weight as the downloaded application for computers running Windows. In turn, for Mac, the weight increases slightly up to 55 Megabytes to be able to download it. However, all these installers once downloaded start downloading more game add-ons.

So, on average, on mobile devices you have to have a memory space of 7.4 concerts. While in computers, the average weight for this game is 36 gigs. Although as he plays, he can reach 80 concerts.

provided on mobile download devices

In the same way, you have to be well screen resolution as well as 4 GB and RAMn phones. Computer operating systems must be the latest or at least superior to Windows 7 with 8 GB of RAM.

Procedure for downloading Fortnite from your computer or mobile phone

This famous game from Epic Games can be downloaded on various devices. Therefore, let’s see how to do it on computers that have an operating system Windows and Android phones. What you need to do to start the process is to start looking for the game on the internet using the browser. It is recommended that you use the official Epic Games website to download Fornite.

On the windows

On computers, you can easily see that at the top of the page at the top is the download button. By clicking the button, the game starts to download and then you have to register to be an Epic Games user.

how to install supplied on a computer

Afterwards, a box appears asking a folder for locating the game so you have to choose the location. Then begin the process of installing the Furnished game on your computer.

On Android

On phones, the procedure is very similar when the application is downloaded from the Epic Games platform. Therefore, you must look for the download button, press it, and then register and install.

However, the game Fornite can also be found in mobile online stores. So you can look it up in Google Play Store and from there continue with the download of the game. Subsequently, you must register the user in Epic Games to enter Fornite.

While you’re on your iPhone, you can search the Apple Store and from there try to download this game. Once you have it, you can do it account registration, which is extremely necessary to start playing. This registration is a common one like the one made in all social networks.