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Fortnite How to change my character genre in Fortnite – Step by step tutorial Currently among the most popular games around the world …

Fortnite How to change my character genre in Fortnite - Step by step tutorial Currently among the most popular games around the world ...

Currently among the most popular games all over the world is Fortnite, This game is played online, consists of shooting and killing other players until you are the last.

The game mentioned above contains many functions, in it we can find many scenarios, as well as levels that go attracting the attention of all its players. This game can be used on both computers and Android phones.

A part of the game that stands out are the characters who will play a very important role, these characters are divided into 4 women and 4 menTherefore, in many of the games you have, you will have to play with a character with a genre that you do not like and it is natural to want to change the genre, so in the next article we will show how to do it in a simple way.

How can I customize my Fortnite character?

You can customize or edit characters in Fortnite, you just have to have a fighting licenseIf you already have a combat license, follow these steps to customize your character:

  1. Enter the Fortnite game on your PC or in the app on your Android phone
  2. Enter the battle step pressing the tab with this name which is at the top of the game
  3. Once in the battle step, enter the improvement room, where your character will come out
  4. Click the Create option to create your own character, you will get more options on the sides
  5. To change your hair, click on the hair option, below you will be shown different hair models, you can also edit your character’s tattoos, boots, sleeves and T-shirts, you just need to have a fighting license.

What is the procedure for changing the genre of my Fortnite character?

Free players cannot change the character genre, so change the genre in the Fortnite game you must have bought or gained the skin, If you already have it, you can change the sex, just follow the steps below:

  1. Join the Fortnite game.
  2. Go to the main menu.
  3. Now you need to go to the lockers, to do this you need to click on the hanger icon at the top next to the store.
  4. After performing the previous action, different icons will be displayed, you need to click on the costume icon.
  5. Then you will be shown the costumes according to gender, if you want to switch from masculine to feminine you have to select one of the feminine costumes, if you want to change from feminine to masculine click on a masculine costume.
  6. Click Save and exit. In the next game, the costume will appear with the sex you have selected.

How do I change or select a new skin in Fortnite?

In the game Fortnite there are over 100 skinsYou can get these skins for free or buy them, now to change them or select a new one, just follow these steps:

skins of famous characters in fortnite

Without leaving the menu

  1. When you have already left the game, you can display a menu on the right side of the screen
  2. In the menu you just displayed you can find these options: Buy and change, Wait, Return to the lobby and you’re done. You must select Buy and change.
  3. Then you can buy or change the skin.
  4. Once you have selected the skin, you will be super ready to go to the next game.

From the menu

  1. IEnter Fortnite.
  2. Go to the main menu and then to the closet.
  3. When you enter the closet, you will see different tabs, you must access the tab EDIT STYLE.
  4. Click the style you like best, and then click Save and Exit to make the changes.

What can I do if my skin does not appear?

Often Fortnite does not work because there are some inconveniences, in many cases these errors or inconveniences are caused by problems with the connection or installation of the game, other times, errors in this game occur when there is a new update of its content.

If a skin does not appear in Fornite, it is most likely because it has presented some of the problems mentioned above, we recommend that you close the game for a few minutes, if it works for you, check the connection and installation of that game.