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Flirt How to know if a contact or a match blocked or deleted me on Badoo

Flirt How to know if a contact or a match blocked or deleted me on Badoo

Badoo is a social network of dating very similar to Tinder or Facebook Dating, in this social network you can fill in your profile data and find people with similar tastes to yours, as well as being close to you and having the opportunity to contact them (or them )) if they match you, although often the profile does not describe exactly what a person is like in real life, precisely for this reason, the social network includes the option to blocks people.

Blocking a person is very simple, but what about the other side? That is, how the person we block will see our profile or how to know if we have been blocked, I will explain below.

How do you know if you’re stuck or not?

Everything was going well and out of nowhere did he say goodbye? It hasn’t answered you in a long time and you want to answer this question, it’s completely normal, the most immature people who block it is because you don’t have the courage to say things head on, unfortunately they decided to miss you, now you will see if they blocked you or not.

When someone blocks you on Badoo, the most normal thing is that you can’t access their profile, ie both the profile photo and the information will appear blank, even if you try to see the content, this it will be practically non-existentYou can easily distinguish this, because it was not like that before.

Now, to confirm that we’ve been blocked, you need to check the user’s last connection, as it will be the time he blocked you from Badoo, instead of the last time you logged in, if your time is many days, Badoo tells you that you are blocked.

Your profile picture will disappear as well your interest will decrease to 0, if all of the above happen or have happened before, try restarting the app, but if it’s not an error, it means you’re stuck.

Did you block me or delete your account?

Many users are often confused between being blocked or an account deleted, although I must say that in both cases they did not say goodbye to you, so you should take it the same way, but if you want to know that the difference is clear, the user deletes his account, Badoo tells us: «The user no longer exists» in this way it will be impossible for us to make a mistake.

What to do now?

Unfortunately, there is nothing left to do about the user who blocked you. But life goes on and here are some very useful tips you can do on Badoo, remember that a stumble is not the end of your destiny.

Make other friends

Adding more friends to your Badoo list of acquaintances is very important, don’t forget that this social network it’s not just about knowing a partner, also allows you to socialize and meet extremely interesting people, have you heard the phrase Is love born of friendship?

match on badoo I crash

Well, it’s very true that someone blocked you it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve itOn the contrary, you should be happy to get rid of an unstable person now and that it will not affect you much more in the future.

Here’s who you like

Knowing and seeing who you like can help you a lot to lift your spirits, one nail brings out another nail, seeks to meet more people And it’s better if there are people who already like you, don’t waste your time.

Badoo is not the only social network for dating

Use a single application Dating today greatly shortens your possibilities, there are thousands of recognized dating apps, don’t get stuck in one, open a Tinder account and enjoy the benefits of this other dating app, including the most important one for you there are many more people than on Badoo.

Although it hurts to accept it, Badoo is a great social network to meet people, but it is small compared to Tinder or Facebook Dating, these two dating giants will be your best allies to continue looking for love true seek).