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Fix the «Connection is not private» error in Chrome or Firefox

Fix the "Connection is not private" error in Chrome or Firefox

«Connection is not private» error in Chrome or Firefox It is one of the most common problems we can find in these browsers. This is due to the need to develop new ways to prevent attack and intrusion by attackers who intend to change the security of users. However, it is annoying when this message prevents us from accessing secure pages. For this reason, you will learn to solve this problem in different ways.

Common «connection is not private» error solutions

When we sail with Chromium or Firefox, we can frequently find the error » the connection is not private «. Everything is due to a security system that aims to keep users’ personal data safe. But what happens when we try to access a secure page? Filtering pages that can be considered «threats» rather than non-threats does not always work correctly. For this reason, it may sometimes be necessary to avoid this action. The possible solutions we can apply are the following.


Check your antivirus

Check your antivirus

VIRUS Their main goal is to prevent our computer from accessing sites that are considered «potentially dangerous.» That is why it will have the ability to block security certificates so that we do not access these websites.

However, this protection can cause the «connection is not secure» error. That’s why we have to access antivirus settings to disable two options:

  • https protection
  • SSL scan

This way, we can access the file blocked pages. In any case, you should be careful to use antivirus to prevent pages that can be a real threat from affecting your computer’s security.


Perform a cache cleanup

Perform a cache cleanup

cache is responsible for storing temporary files that contain the file web browsing data. They help to load the page faster. However, when the certificates are old, the error may occur: the connection is not private. For this reason it is recommended perform a cache cleanup.

Clear the cache in Chrome

If you use Chrome browser, step by step to clear the cache is as follows:

  • Go to the top right, where you will find three points placed vertically and select More tools> Clear browsing data> All periods
  • Then you need to check the boxes «Cookies and other data of the site» and «Cached files and images«
  • Finally click Delete the data

Clearing the cache in Firefox

If you use Firefox browser, step by step to clear the cache is as follows:

  • You need to click instruments in the upper left of the browser
  • Then select Options> Advanced
  • In the Advanced Options you need to select Network> Clean Now
  • Click the OK button to accept the changes, and the cache will be completely clear


Check the date and time

Check the date and time

Another issue that can resolve the «connection is not secure» error is check the system date and time.

This is because many secure certificates have a downtime. If the date and time in our system are incorrect, an error may occur that prevents us from accessing the website.

4 Access Firefox browser options

This option to resolve the famous «connection is not private» error is specially designed for the Firefox browser. In this case, when the error occurs, you must do the following:

  • Type in the browser bar> about:config
  • Click Accept Risk to access all browser options
  • Type in the search bar: security_ssl_enable
  • Select the column security_ssl_enable_ocsp_stapling and select the word next to it Fake
  • Close all browser windows for changes to be saved and restart. This way, you will be able to access secure websites

5 Reset the original browser settings

It is possible to make a change in the browser at some point, which changes the settings and therefore its behavior. Sometimes it is simply due to the occurrence of failures. In any case, it is usually useful to perform a restore the browser’s original settings.

  • To do this, just access the menu Settings> Settings> Show advanced settings> Reset settings.

In this way, the browser will troubleshoot any possible errors that interfere with its operation.

There are several causes that can cause browser errors. Sometimes it’s just a matter of proper configuration. In any case, we should not trust those unknown sites that allow us easy access. It will always be better to use the caution of our browser and access only those that will really give us a completely safe navigation.

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The animal that appears in the Firefox logo is not a fox, but a red panda.

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