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FIX: Sling TV 8-12 authorization error

FIX: Sling TV 8-12 authorization error

  • Sling TV is an affordable and practical streaming service with a lot to offer.
  • However, problems may find a way to appear while using the app and authorization error 8-12 It’s one of them. See the guide below to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Faced with other annoying cases of error? You don’t have to worry, you can find a quick fix on our page dedicated to Sling TV error codes.
  • Whatever your choice when it comes to streaming services, get all the useful tips and tricks to ensure a smooth user experience from our Dedicated Streaming Center.

Cable TV is no longer a thing. Why should you be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies (and allow yourself to watch only your selected content) at any time without being constantly interrupted by your ads?

There are many streaming services to choose from, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Sling TV and you can enjoy them without a traditional cable subscription. That’s the beauty.

Sling TV offers an excellent selection of channels to choose from and is not limited to watching content on TV. You can do it from any other device, including laptop, Xbox, mobile phone, etc.

But there are times when the Sling TV application can return an error message (or more). For example, you can find sling tv permission error 8-12 .

See the steps below to resolve the issue.

How do I fix a Honda 8 12 error?

1. Check the availability of specific content

If error 8-12 occurs while viewing specific content, you probably no longer have access to it. It is common practice to provide shows and movies available for a free preview, which are delivered for a specified duration.

Be sure to check out the current free previews on the official Sling TV website.

2. Update the Sling application

If you’re using a Windows 10 device, follow the steps below to automatically update the Sling app:

  • Open microsoft store
  • In the upper right corner of the page, click user icon.
  • Access the menu settings
  • Change the option Update applications automatically (in Application Updates) to On

You can also manually check for updates in the Microsoft store.

If you use another device, you can find detailed instructions on how to update the Sling app on the official page.

For mobile devices, you can start updates from Google Play Store or Apps Stor e, depending on the operating system you use (Android or IO).

3. Disconnect / restart the Sling application

Log out of the app and manually confiscate your credentials to log in to the app again.

You may also want to shut down completely and then restart the application, and then check to see if the error is still present.

4. Restart the device

If you’re using a Windows device, simply go to the Start menu, click the button Energy options and select Restart .

Simply disconnect the device used to view the contents of the Sling from the power supply and reconnect it after 10 seconds or so. Launch the Sling TV app once the action is complete to check for abnormal behavior.