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Find a phone number


Do you want to find a phone number (landline or mobile) of an individual or a company? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ll explain the best methods and the best portals, so you can get them yes or no.

As you already know, today everything is on the Internet: Google, directories, databases, social networks, etc. However, getting to the topic is not always so easy, which is why we will give you the best tricks to make your search a success.

How to find the number of an individual or a company on the Internet?

Believe it or not, finding someone’s phone is very possible, because nowadays most people have agreed to give their phone number on a certain occasion (either when they buy, when they send a form, when they register in a portal, etc.) and it is likely to circulate on the network.

All you need is to know what they are the most efficient and fastest methods so I can find someone’s number. So, without getting involved, let’s go to this:

  • directory: There are many directories, such as White Pages, where you can find someone’s phone number by their first, last name, or address.
  • Holy Google: In the largest search engine in the world there is everything, you just need to know a few «tricks» that we will explain later to get the most out of it.
  • Social networks: In many social networks, such as Facebook, people share their personal data, such as mobile phones. We will explain how to find this information.

In each case, different initial data are required in order to search the phone, although it is normal to know name and surname of the person. It can also be helpful in some cases to get to know each other DNI or yours approach to further refine the search.

What is the best phonebook to find a phone by first and last name or address?

In this regard, the first thing we need to say is to be careful when using a directory and use only one that you know uses legal data. There are many people who are dedicated to collecting data in illegal databases and you could have problems.

Therefore, it is better if you use only the best phone books:

1. White Pages Phonebook

We all know the most popular telephone directory in Spain: We are talking about White Pages, a portal that has virtually all the phone numbers of individuals and companies in this country in an official and updated way.

The search engine is targeted so that you can search for someone’s phone from your first and last name and / or address of residence. In its results, you will be able to find the phone number and, in some cases, other valuable information, such as the postal code of that person and even their e-mail, in some cases.

white pages looking for phone

2. QDQ phonebook

It’s clear that «Plan A» is White Pages, but that doesn’t mean it’s all there. There are other portals with similarly updated data and that they may have phones that are just there, such as the QDQ Guide.

Together with Pagini Albe is one of the most prestigious national guides in Spain, which has landlines of people, professionals and companies across the country 100% updated and reliable.

If you haven’t found the person you’re looking for on White Pages, this is an option you should try, because you won’t lose anything by doing so. Databases are not always identical between directories and maybe in it you will be lucky.

qdq find the phone

3. The ABCTphones search engine

Of the full range of alternative options to the two we have already mentioned, we want to highlight ABCteléfonos, a growing portal that increases the size of its databases every day.

As aspects to highlight, it is worth mentioning this your search engine allows you to search for the exact address, which is a very interesting feature. There is no doubt that it is an efficient and fast option, so you don’t lose anything by trying.

abctelephones phone search

Is it possible to search private cell phone numbers on Google?

As you already know, Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world. Jokingly, it is often said that “Google knows everything«But every time it is something that becomes more true due to its artificial intelligence.

The good news is that you can take advantage of it! In a corner of the internet, the number you’re looking for may be there, waiting to be caught by you. We offer you the best tips to refine your Google search to the fullest:

  • Write the first and last name of the person you are looking for in quotation marks, so that the search is exactly like this. E.g: «First Name Last Name1 Last Name2».
  • Also add the word phone in front of. You will see it better in this image:

search google phone

If you can’t find the number with that, always you can add more information to the search by name and surname. For example, if you know the address, you can put it at the end to refine your search a little more.

How to search for a phone on social networks like Facebook?

As you probably already know, Facebook is the largest social network to date and many people fill in their profiles with personal information of all kinds, such as mobile phones. It’s a risk to your privacy, but the thing is, people do it anyway.

So what you should do is find the person you’re looking for on Facebook and see what public data you have activated. You probably can’t see much without being his friend, so it’s best to send him a private message or a friend request.

This strategy is applicable to other social networkssuch as LinkedIn. The only thing necessary is that you have a registered profile, but nowadays almost all of us have it, right?

How to give more privacy to your phone number?

Do you want your phone to be protected and out of reach of anyone looking for you? It’s logic, no one likes our privacy being violated.

For this, We offer a series of tips. Some are common sense and some are more specific, but if you respect them all, your privacy will be much more secure:

  1. Tell the operator that you do not want your phone to be public in the phonebook.
  2. Subscribe to the Robinson List to avoid receiving commercial calls. If someone calls you and you are already registered on this list, you can report the company that called you.
  3. Delete or hide your phone on social networks.
  4. Remember and think about all the sites you have registered (forums, online stores, etc.). Access the data in each of them and make sure you delete the phone number whenever it is not strictly necessary to keep it.
  5. If you’ve seen your phone in Google search results, you can search for «Form to request the withdrawal of personal information» in Google and you’ll see that you can send them a form to request the withdrawal of your phone. By law, they are required to act quickly.

That’s all. As you can see, many of them are common sense, but they are worth keeping in mind so that your number is something personal that only the people you love know.

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