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Financial calculators – simplify calculations for VAT, compound interest, installments and more


Using a computer is essential for small businesses and freelancers who need to perform consistently. tax calculations, interest rates, percentages, invoices, etc.

However, it is not enough to use a common computer that performs simple mathematical calculations, it is necessary to use a more specialized one. And, although there are physical commercial computers on the market, they do not have all the functions that one could offer you. online financial calculator.

With business-focused features, these useful online computers can help you improve your finances and make better decisions. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything for them, because you can use them for free from your web browser.

The importance of financial computers in business

Simple interest, compound interest, VAT and loan fees are just some of the calculations made by finance professionals and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a tool to perform these calculations and simplify business tasks. But, as I mentioned earlier, a normal computer is not enough for these cases. Well, you don’t have many options and you waste too much time doing complex financial calculations.

Financial computers, on the other hand, are designed to perform versatile calculations with instant and accurate results. For example, you can calculate VAT, loan rates, bonds, interest rates, premiums or simple percentages. There are even computers to get the IBAN or the letter DNI or NIE.

Business computers for business

Other more specialized business calculators can help you calculate EBITDA (pre-amortization profit and amortization of interest taxes), cost of equity (estimated amount of your monthly payment, and total accrued interest), commercial loans (to simulate a wide range lending), business financing scenarios (to facilitate the analysis of a company’s recent performance) and debt services (to analyze a company’s previous operating income and expenses)

Likewise, there are computers for those who are thinking of buying a business or for those who already have one and want one estimates the business’s ability to make a profit and forecasts its growth. For example, the balance analysis computer lets you know when a company’s sales revenue will exceed its expenses so that it can start making a profit. There is also the business valuation calculator, which can determine the current value of the business based on income, expenses, assets and more.

This way, you can make the right decisions and take advantage of business opportunities with the highest chances of success. They can also be useful for calculating business financing and estimating monthly payment amounts and payment schedules. They can even be very useful for personal finances.

Undoubtedly, a tool that any self-respecting entrepreneur should use. Remember that the advantage of using financial computers online is that you can perform all kinds of calculations for business. In addition, they save you money and are extremely easy to use, as you only need to enter the values ​​in the appropriate fields. Not only does this avoid having to press multiple buttons or remember complex mathematical formulas, but it is much faster. With a single click you will be able to get the desired result, immediately eliminating any kind of guesswork.