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Facebook will now track the stores you visit offline to target you with online ads.

Facebook will now track the stores you visit offline to target you with online ads.

Now, Facebook also intends to start tracking the stores you visit in real life.

Facebook has incorporated new tools for advertisers who will tell companies if you’ve been to one of their real-life stores, that is, if you’re sharing location services with the app. People who have not been to a particular store can also get an ad, but this would be for new customers, Facebook explains.

«Selected companies that are eligible to report in-store visits can now also create personalized audiences of people who have recently visited their store,» Facebook said in a blog post.

Some of the companies already involved in this are American stores, Macy’s and the KFC fast food store.

«We recently partnered with Facebook to enable their offline conversion solution to drive in-store sales,» said Tessa Kavanaugh, director of emerging and social platforms for Macy’s. «We are encouraged by the positive results we have seen in the store and are excited to continue testing Facebook’s offline suite to fuel our growth.»

Facebook is not the first technology company to track where its customers are offline. application of in-store sales measurement from Google allows the technology giant to track customer credit card transactions, both online and in physical stores.

The idea is that Google can use this information to better determine how many digital sales campaigns it has generated. However, a leading group in the field of privacy rights asks The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating Google, claiming that the company is gaining access to this information in an attempt to link online customer behavior to offline shopping habits.