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Facebook Messenger How do I save a Messenger video to post to Facebook? You must have both applications to save your video. I mean …

Facebook Messenger How do I save a Messenger video to post to Facebook?  You must have both applications to save your video.  I mean ...

You should you have both apps to save your video. That is, Messenger and Facebook, and in the conversation where the video is, you need to save it on your device, once you’re done, you can open your Facebook application and then publish it.

Because the Facebook platform supports a large number of formats, you should not worry the type of video you want to saveWhat you need to know is whether you can use Messenger without a Facebook account.

You should also consider the size of the video you want to save, because if it is very large it will not be able to be saved or uploadedBecause a file is heavy, the process is always slower and your download may freeze.

In short, to post a video on Facebook from Messenger from saving it first and then publishing itYou need to pay attention to the version you are using, because Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite have their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

What kind of videos can I share on Facebook?

On Facebook you can share any type of contentAs long as you do not infringe the copyrights of others, there are even some that are considered spam, which, when published in different groups, are automatically removed due to spam abuse.

For a new Facebook account, you can only post the video to 5 different groups, and in old accounts, up to 15 times a day, those types of videos with adult-free content will also be blocked. regardless of the format you use to upload it.

Does the size of the video I want to send from Messenger matter?

The size of the video you want to send is very important, because in the longest ones, such as movies, they have a higher weight than is allowed in Messenger, which is 4 gigabytes, there are HD movies that exceed this weight, so it is important to consider the size.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to share the video in Messenger, but don’t worry, because these are for movies, and if your video comes from anything else, you can send it without any problems.

Are there formats that are not supported for direct sharing on Facebook?

The MKV format causes many inconveniences At the time of publication in the Feed or in the stories, although it cannot be said that it is compatible and cannot be mentioned otherwise, the problem lies in the resolution, because those that exceed 1280p by 720p cause the problem of compatibility.

Then an MKV video can exceed these pixels, it is recommended for all types of publications to use the standard MP4 or even MOV format, as they vary at a maximum resolution of 720p. This means that most videos are adjusted to 360p.

What is the maximum quality allowed when uploading a video?

Whatever format you use to upload a video, you need to make sure not to exceed 1280p by 720p, otherwise, it will go wrong, you can have two Messenger accounts on one Android phone and you can upload them in several parts. That is, if your video has a high resolution, you can try uploading it from multiple accounts to find the appropriate resolution.

maximum capacity allowed in the video on facebook

How to share Messenger videos on Facebook?

From the Messenger application you can’t share a video on Facebook, you must first save it to your device, then continue publishing:

If the video is in the mobile storage

If the video is saved on your mobile device, the process is easier:

  • Enter the gallery and locate the video.
  • Select the video and click share.
  • From the available applications you have to choose Facebook.
  • press ok and your video will be published on facebook from the storage space.

If you are on the Facebook platform

If I send you a video via Facebook chat. I mean Messenger and that’s on the platform, you will not be able to publish it directly In streaming, you must first download it and then, if you continue to publish it, it is important to check that the video is completely in chat.

Because Messenger messages sometimes do not arrive or are delivered or incomplete video arrives, if necessary, an error will occur when downloading it.