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Facebook Messenger How can I share my Facebook avatar stickers via WhatsApp – Facebook avatar tutorials include a fun and animated way to …

Facebook Messenger How can I share my Facebook avatar stickers via WhatsApp - Facebook avatar tutorials include a fun and animated way to ...

Facebook avatars are a fun and lively way to show off on the social network. This virtual animation of yours will allow you use funny stickers in stories and messages From Facebook. However, there are ways to share this animated personalization on WhatsApp and other social networks.

How can I create my avatar on Facebook?

One of the most effective ways to create a successful Facebook avatar is through Messenger. You need to enter the standard Facebook messaging application and select the conversation you prefer. Once there, choose the «Stickers» option from the message bar.

Now in this section select the «Create your avatar» option; to start customizing your animated version on Facebook. You must specify the desired skin tone; as well as other features such as the shape of your nose, eyes, mouth, face and clothing styles as you wish. You can use this avatar as a sticker in your conversations and even share it on your Facebook stories.

create avatars on facebook

The procedure for creating an avatar on Facebook is extremely simple. In addition, you can create an animated and virtual representation of your platform on any device. Just follow the appropriate steps depending on the version of Facebook in which you manage your profile.

From the mobile app

If your mobile device has the standard Facebook application installed, the first thing you should do is enter your profile on the social network. Once there, you have two options to start customizing your avatar. In the first case, enter in the comments section from any publication and select the «Avatars» section next to «Stickers».

Later, you can begin the process of customizing your avatar. by selecting the «Create your avatar» option. On the other hand, if you prefer, to create your avatar, you can also access the «Menu» section of your profile. It is in the upper right corner, identified by an icon with three horizontal lines.

put avatar in facebook conversation

When in the Facebook menu, select the «See more» option; which is near the bottom of the list of options. A new menu will be displayed, there you will have to locate and select option identified as «Avatars». If this feature isn’t available on your device, it’s wise to make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Finally, after entering the «Avatars» section, you can customize the animation as you wish. You need to select the skin tone, appearance and shape of the face; as well as the shape of your eyebrows, nose and mouth and the styles of clothing or other accessories to your preference. Make sure you save the settings to be able to use your profile avatar on the social network.

From the web server

If you manage your profile on the social network Facebook through the web server of your computer or device; you should know that there is no way to create an avatar like you.

send avatar in comment on facebook

The option that allows users to create an animated avatar on the social network Facebook; Is available only in the standard Facebook application and Facebook Messenger. So only those who have these apps, whether they are Android or iPhone users; they will be able to create an avatar on Facebook.

From Facebook Lite

As with many other social apps, Facebook has a Lite version of the app. This version includes some features, usually basic, so that the user can enjoy most of the benefits of Facebook. However, using the Lite version of Facebook it is not possible to create an animated avatar on the social network.

facebook avatar sticker pack

This is probably because the Lite version of Facebook is much lighter and includes only essential functions of the social network. The same goes for the Lite version of Messenger; because with this version of the Facebook messaging app, it’s not even possible to create the avatar. This is one of the differences between the Facebook Messenger versions.

Therefore, if you want to create an avatar on Facebook, you will need to download the standard version of Facebook; or you can download the same type of Facebook Messenger app.

What is the procedure to share stickers of my Facebook avatar on WhatsApp?

Once you create your avatar on Facebook, the social network creates a series of stickers that you can use on the platform. But they can also be used on other compatible platforms; as in the case of WhatsApp Messenger. To do this, enter your Facebook profile in the official application and access the «Menu» of the social network.

customize your Facebook avatar

The menu is located in the upper right corner of the profile; identified with a three horizontal line icon. There, you need to select the «View more» option and then the one identified as «Avatars»; to access the avatar options you have created. In this new window, select the «sticker» icon next to your avatar.

Now, a new window will be loaded with the stickers that the Facebook platform created for your avatar after you designed it. You need to locate and select the sticker you want to share on WhatsApp. Once you select it, a list of available options will load; in which you will have to select the «More options» section.

By selecting this box, you will identify a number of platforms where you can share your Facebook avatar sticker. You need to select the appropriate WhatsApp and then choose if you share your avatar sticker as an image; either in WhatsApp status or in an in-app conversation.

Remember that with this method you can share your avatar sticker on WhatsApp; however, the same shared only as an image.

Can you make stickers for WhatsApp with my Facebook avatar?

Facebook allows you to easily share your avatar stickers on WhatsApp, but as an image. So if you want to share it, keep it as a sticker on WhatsApp; you will have to do use a specific application designed to create stickers for WhatsApp.

Sticker Maker application it is one of the most effective alternatives available to achieve this goal. If you decide to use this application or any other application; The method for creating the WhatsApp sticker from your Facebook avatar sticker is similar. You need to save the image of your avatar sticker in the gallery.

types of avatars on facebook

To do this, you need to follow the same steps you had to perform to share a sticker of your Facebook avatar on WhatsApp. However, instead of selecting the application icon, you should do so select the one corresponding to the file manager. This is after you select the «More options» option to save the avatar image to your device.

Now, you need to open the Sticker Maker application, if necessary, and select the tool » Create a package of stickers‘. Then you need to select the sticker image of your Facebook avatar from which you want to create the sticker for WhatsApp; and cut it as you wish.

You can create up to 30 different stickers in the app and organize them in WhatsApp as you wish; from here you can use all the stickers you have with your avatar From Facebook. This way, you can use your Facebook avatar sticker during WhatsApp conversations. No need to send it in image format; to make the conversations you have on WhatsApp more comfortable and fluid.

What other social networks can I use my Facebook avatar for?

In general, Facebook avatar stickers are shared in stories or social media messaging. However, the same can be exported to other platforms or applications you have on your mobile device. Provided that these applications are compatible with this Facebook option.

To specifically identify which social networks or other platforms your Facebook avatar sticker is compatible with; must access the «Menu» option on Facebook, on the icon of the three horizontal lines. When you log in, you must select the «Avatars» section; which is usually found after selecting the «See more» option.

When you access, in the configuration menu of your avatar, you must select the sticker icon; to access the available options. Once there, select the «More options» box. So you can see the full list of other apps you have on your device; in which you can share your avatar on Facebook.

Into the social networks such as Twitter and Instagram you can use the Facebook avatar successfully. In the same way that applications like Telegram, Pinterest, Tumblr and even the file manager and even Tinder; are platforms where you can use your Facebook avatar.