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Facebook How to prevent Facebook from accessing my call and message history – Guide Currently, very few people do not have an account …

Facebook How to prevent Facebook from accessing my call and message history - Guide Currently, very few people do not have an account ...

Currently there are very few people who do not have an account on the most famous social network Facebook. However, there are people who are a little more concerned about their privacy and do not want the platform to access certain private information. Often, such information collected by the social network are your users’ call and message history. Therefore, if you want to prevent them from accessing your information, we encourage you to continue reading and to be an expert who protects your data.

Other activities that are not widely accepted by users include the fact that the Facebook application accesses the microphone of the devices.


Why does Facebook collect information from its users?

It’s important to know that the information Facebook collects about you has a purpose. The reason the information is collected is that allows to know the tastes of users as well as their interests, which in turn allows them to have a parameter that shows them information of interest to them. Especially when it comes to advertising, because through a study it is possible to determine the products that are most likely to attract your attention. This means that every «Like» in the publications is taken into account.

How do I know if Facebook has access to my call and message history?

Often, when we install an application, we allow them to access our information without realizing it. We do this by accepting the conditions or even not paying enough attention when permissions are not required. But if you want to know if Facebook has access to your call and message history, just follow these steps:

  • Open the application Messengerand access your profile. It’s located in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll through the options displayed for you.
  • There you will see two important things.

or Telephone contacts.

or SMS.

  • Click on each of the options and see if they are enabled or not.

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How do I delete a Facebook file with my personal information?

To completely delete all the information that Facebook has collected about you, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

It is important that the first thing you do is restrict access to our personal information to third-party applications. To do this, you must remove access to those applications. Here we will give you the steps you need to take from your mobile phone.

  • Go to your profile settings and then «Account settings”.
  • Once there, click on «Applications«And then on the ‘The session started with Facebook’ link.»
  • Access all the apps that appear and press the «remove the application”.
  • Click on «remove”. Once this is done, the app will no longer have access to your personal information.

After that, you need to delete the activity log. To do this you have two ways to do this, the first is manual and the other using an extension. To manually delete your registration, just follow these steps:

  • For convenience, we recommend that you complete the actions on your computer.
  • Enter your Facebook Web version and click the arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Select the section «Activity register”.
  • Scroll down and you will be able to see each of the actions you have done. Keep in mind that a normal Facebook user almost always has tens of thousands of shares registered.
  • You will need to remove them manually one by one.

If you want to do this process much faster, we advise you to help yourself with a tool. We recommend that you use Social Book Post Manager.

How can I prevent Facebook from accessing my mobile phone again without permission?

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To ensure that your social network doesn’t access your information again without your permission, you have two alternatives:

Disable synchronization

To do this, you’ll need to turn off syncing for both Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

In the case of Facebook, you should access «menu«And select»Application settings”. Once there, click to disable the «Contact load continues”.

For Facebook Messenger, you will need to access your profile, select «telephone contacts”. Then you will have to deactivate it if it is activated.

Take a detailed look at the permissions granted

In order to check the permissions you have granted over time, you need to go to «Settings». Go to «Applications and websites”, There you will see the active applications. Once you’ve selected one of these, click «view and edit«And update the information it can access.