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Facebook How to get more appreciation in my Facebook status and photos Facebook is the most used social network at the moment and is …

Facebook How to get more appreciation in my Facebook status and photos Facebook is the most used social network at the moment and is ...

Facebook is the most used social network of the moment and it is very common for users to like it you get a lot of likes, either in their condition or in photos, but it is not an easy task, because many people need years to get some recognition.

But don’t worry, because there are more tips and tricks to be popular on Facebook, the better known you are, the chances of being receive more feedback on your photos and status. are raised.

In addition, the Facebook platform offers its users the opportunity to be a prominent Fan so that they can differentiated from other usersThis way, your name will be more striking and attract people to your profile.

Because a striking name is one of the main reasons for attracts the publicIf you have a fairly common one, you can change your Facebook name whenever you want. Also, if you don’t want popularity and just want to get feedback from your contacts, you can get it by following a few tips.

such as photos and Facebook status

What is the key to getting more likes on the social network Facebook?

There are several tips for be like your photos or moodsThey will only appear when your audience thinks they deserve it, so you need to consider several things. Among them:

The content

When a user enjoys content that provokes emotion, whether it is sadness, happiness or laughter, this is undoubtedly he will leave you the reactionTherefore, try uploading content that causes this type of effect, otherwise only your posts will be ignored.

That’s why when you upload a material, you need to make it visible and easy to understand. That is, your message or purpose it is understood at first sight.

Get to know your audience

Depending on the type of content, you can get feedback, and these, in turn, are analyzed knows the audience, if you use the statistics displayed by Facebook, you will know the age of your followers, the sex and the time they react to publications.

Then you get your audience data you can find out what kind of content you should upload and when to postIf everything turns out perfectly, you will be able to see how the reactions increase in your photos and moods.

tips to get appreciations on facebook

Constantly interact with your audience.

It is recommended that you respond to the audience’s comments or at least leave them a reaction, which motivates other people to want to participate in the content of the title in the hope that it will respond as well.

Also when You constantly interact with your audience, will leave more likes and comments to other publications, so this advice is one of the most important.

How can I identify what kind of content my Facebook audience likes?

If you’ve already published content multiple times, you may notice that there are some who have published more reactions than others, this is a way to identify the type of content that your audience likes the most, another way is to create a vote-type publication so that you can know it in the results.

You can create posts in which reactions are the answers. For example, «I like» which represents option 1 and a «I like» which means option 2, of course in the content you have to show what each option means, so that you also receive feedback from your audience.

What are the disadvantages of buying fake likes and fans on digital platforms?

There are web pages that offer Appreciate the services in your publications.Even if the amount increases at this time, you need to consider certain disadvantages that could harm your account. These are:

It doesn’t help us with the engagement

Even if your number of Likes increases, you have to keep in mind that new customers or new followers are guided by the interactions of other users, and buy that does not generate anything, then it is useless to have a visual call if there are no reactions, interactions and comments.

like affects the brand of a facebook account

This is harmful if you use Facebook to sell products, because when a person needs to buy their first stock alone, it is see if previous customers are satisfied.

Do not participate in deliveries that are made

It is true that these appreciations come from people or robots who have a personal or company profile it will never coverTherefore, at no time do you participate in the delivery that takes place, you will not have any comments about these likes that they buy and that are also against Facebook policies.

Safer and recommended applications to gain appreciation and followers on Facebook

If you like get a visual call from your Facebook account, without interactions just to increase the number, then you should use the most recommended applications to do so, to avoid sanctions on the social network Facebook. These applications are:

Apps for Android devices

We’ve done a search for the best ones that don’t negatively affect your Facebook account.

simulate: If this application does not generate false appreciations, because they are real, you must participate in the platform and get some coins These will be exchanged for real likes, in order to get this currency you will have to react to publications from third parties.

Like4Like: It is also a platform for exchange of appreciationsThe more users use this application, the more reactions you will have.

IPhone devices

Just like on Android devices, there is an app that you can use on your iPhone and they are the most recommended by users.

Swipa: It is an application that gives its users Facebook Likes for uploading videos or photos on its system, because they come from other accounts, so it should not cause policy issues on Facebook.

MyFBLiker: It’s an automatic app for Facebook accounts. It is very fast and easy to use, you can get appreciations on Facebook without doing anything. The application will handle this once you configure it.