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Facebook How to change the name of my fan page or business page on Facebook – Simple tutorial

Facebook How to change the name of my fan page or business page on Facebook - Simple tutorial

Many times we have a fan page in our profile, but it doesn’t adapt so much to the current context, fashion and trends move too fast and we have to adapt.

In this context, the problem influences, whether the name is static And it can’t be changed so easily in the near or distant future, so you can change the name of your Facebook page, because it’s one of the most used social networks in the world, it has rules and review processes that you’ll have to follow.

That’s why you need to change the name of your fan page consider certain parameters and I know how to do it, so join me to change it together step by step.

Rules to consider when renaming your fan page

Making this change is in accordance with the Rules for name changes used by Facebook, these are constantly updated and it is important to keep them in mind, here I will give you a brief description and explanations about them.

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  • Do not use phrases or words that have a offensive connotation or who directly adds or discriminates against other people, ie your name cannot contain negative words or bad language, you should avoid, as much as possible, harming the integrity of others.
  • Use capital letters incorrectly if your name is capitalized inappropriately. irregular or unusual It will be very difficult for you to change the name of your fan page.
  • Useless symbols of any kind.
  • The slogan or a short description of the company, it can already be incorporated into other parts of the information on the fan page, making it in the name is to hinder or slow down the user experience, it is better than if someone he wants to read your slogan, look for it.
  • Not only do they have simple words, the pages should have a long name that speaks to the topic they are about, not just keep it as short as possible.
  • Identification of geographical names, no one can own the «Spain» fanpage, but if you could have «The best cafe in Spain», ie the use of the name is not forbidden, but it is necessary that it is not misused as a representation of a majorities to which it does not refer.

Following these rules is the first step towards renaming your fan page, then there is a very simple process that we will explain below and the possible the results you would have because they can vary too much.

Keep in mind that Facebook takes great care of this its policies and platforms such as Facebook Gaming or Facebook Dating are well aligned with the company’s purpose (so changing the name of your fan page doesn’t have to be easy).

How do I change the name of my Facebook fan page?

Changing the name of your fan page is very simple, all you have to do is take into account the previous points and perform the following actions:

  • Open your fan page (if it’s a profile, it will enter your profile).
  • Go to the «Edit the information«eyes: you must be an editor or administrator to be able to do this.
  • Here you will see the full name of your fan page, username and description in the «General» section.
  • You can change all 3 but the name of your fan page will have to go through a review, so now you can choose it correctly.
  • Once you have chosen the new name, a small window will appear where it should confirm it, and will be sent for examination.

Data to consider when changing names

If you just want to cut your fan page name, it can be easily and almost immediately cut. If you want to add something to your name, change it. be extremely difficult, changes must be made calmly and slowly.

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If your intention is to do a very big change your fan page name is probably not approved, so consider more conservative naming options. (acronyms or acronyms could be a great option).

Remember that when I answer you, you can appeal your decision and this will be through a notification (in the administrator’s account).