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Facebook How do I add, put or share a sticker of my avatar in my Facebook story

Facebook How do I add, put or share a sticker of my avatar in my Facebook story

With the growth of social networks, they have become very common creating stories to share with all family friends or any Facebook contact.

Creating avatars has become a trend in social networks because, in addition to being personalized, they are very fun because it is an image of your person in animated form and it is also very easy to create.

The world of avatars is very widespread and has caused a sensation among millions of users, because it is a fun way to interact with your followers. Users have opted for create your avatarsand that these are your profile pictures or to share these stickers with effects in the already famous stories on Facebook.

Facebook users have chosen to use GIFs as comments on this platform. The world of stickers or avatars doesn’t just end on Facebook, because we can too connect other platforms just like WhatsApp and Instagram and so we can share our stories.

Likewise, on Instagram we can use the countdown stickers in our stories and this is very common because we can announce our live shows known on this platform as live.

How to create our own Avatar

It was mentioned above that stickers can be used or shared both on Facebook and on other social networks that belong to the same creator. Creating an avatar is very simple, the first thing you need to do is access Facebook and at the top right of the screen, you will see three horizontal lines.

Then we go down to where it says «See more», there we click. Then a new tab will open and in the second line you will find where it says «Avatars». Click and the screen will turn bluish green, tap where it says «Next».

Here’s the process creating your avatar, the first thing you should do is select your skin color, then a menu of options will open such as: hair color, eye shape, eye color, among others.

Once you have met all the requirements, click where it says «intelligent», and a verification window will open in which you can see your avatar, click and click «following» and it will be finished.

How to share Stickers in our Facebook stories

Sharing the stickers in our story is very simple, the first thing you should do is log on to Facebook and locate yourself in the three horizontal lines found in the upper right.

It is very important to note that this avatar app only works in the original version of Facebook and not in Facebook Lite by default, you can also easily download free stickers for Facebook in order animate our stories.

After locating in the three horizontal lines, we click on it and go down where it says «See more» select, then a tab will open to locate us in the «Avatars» section.

This time our avatar will appear ready and then right there we will see 3 (three) icons in the upper right, The middle icon with the face is stickers.

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After you have already clicked on the icon in the middle, we can see a screen with all our avatar stickersTo share it in our Facebook story, we need to select the one we like the most.

Then a window will open giving us more delivery options, if your wish is to share it in your story, then you need to select where it says «More options» and a new window will open, you will select the one that says «Your story».

Finally you have to set up your avatar stickers Either add a text, a filter or icons and, if you want, you can save it in your gallery, complete all these steps, you can select the window where it says «Your story» and that’s it.

It’s so easy and simple to create your avatar to share with friends and contacts, you can also put your touch of humor on social media. Good luck!