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Facebook How can I see the pages I like on Facebook – Tutorial for PC and mobile Facebook is the largest social network in the world, it has …

Facebook How can I see the pages I like on Facebook - Tutorial for PC and mobile Facebook is the largest social network in the world, it has ...

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, has over 2 billion users and has more than 15 years of experience. It was created for the purpose of increasing social relations virtually find people, send messages, share photos and content. In addition to using a personal tool, Facebook now has the option to be managed in a commercial manner, allowing business development at different scales.

The user creates a profile with his personal information and interacts through comments, reactions and «appreciations», with other people (who have an account on the social network) and their content. This serves to understand you and to get a little anonymity in the application.

How do I track Facebook pages and people?

Tracking a person or page, whether it’s organizations or companies, allows you to see their updates in the news window, and they’ll appear automatically. It is a tool to keep up with the work of others. Following a person serves to interact with them on Facebook without having to be friends, this way you can take advantage and see his posts.

From the mobile app

Tracking an account is fairly straightforwardand generally does not cause any problems. To track someone or something, the user must enter the application of his mobile, there he must locate the magnifying glass, in the upper right, then, enter in the search bar the name of the desired account. Once the profile is displayed, a gray three-point box is located on the right side, there you must select «Follow».

interact in the surprise box

From the site

To follow an account on the site, you must follow the same steps described above, as they appear similarly. The «Watch» button is located at the bottom of the cover photo. In general, Facebook suggests accounts with content similar to the one the user is following, if desired, the user must choose the «Follow» option to do so.

Where can I see all the pages I’m following from my Facebook account?

Facebook is considered a very influential social network and the following accounts will allow the user to keep up to date with current events.

From the PC

The user must log in to their Facebook account on the site, then find their profile and click on «Friends» at the bottom of the cover. The «All friends», «Followers» and «People / pages you’re following» options are displayed. Clicking In the «People / pages you follow» option, the user will be able to see the accounts they are following. If you do not want to follow, the option is presented here.

From your cell phone

To check the watchlist, the user must enter the application, enter the menu, located at the top right. After locating in the profile, click the three horizontal dots under the name. Enter «View privacy shortcuts», «Your Facebook information», «Access your information», find the option «People / pages you follow and followers. A list will open automatically and the user will finally know the accounts they are following.

look for applications in the menu

How can I hide the pages I like from my Facebook friends?

When a user indicates that they like a Facebook page, it is automatically saved in the «Information» tab located in the profile, and others can access it. To change this, the user has to go to the top right of the screen, click on the «Account» section, select «Privacy settings», then «View settings» and check the gray box next to «See reviews, activities and other connections. ‘

You must select the «Customize» option and check the appropriate option after pressing «Make this content visible to the following people. Finally, you need to «Save settings».