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Facebook buys Tbh: a positive app for teenagers

Facebook buys Tbh: a positive app for teenagers

«Children can be cruel» is not just a fundamental truism recognized by anyone who has been a child before. It could basically be the motto of many anonymous applications, such as Yik Yak and Secret, which allow users to leave messages about others without consequences. Not like this TBH , which was launched in August in order to anonymize the positivity – and was richly rewarded with a Facebook purchase just two months later.

How can you legislate the natural tendency of many children to be small idiots? product of Tbh is a series of classmates’ polls with only positive answers. For example, the app might ask «Who’s the most creative?», «Who’s most likely to be on Saturday Night Live?» or «Is your perseverance admirable?» Of course, the latter is a somewhat ambiguous compliment, but the idea is that the application deliberately avoids becoming a potential tool for cyber harassment.

And that fits very well with Facebook’s new ambition to strengthen communities , That one he found suddenly following widespread criticism . This, combined with the low, unconfirmed purchase price, which is rumored to be under $ 100 million (~ £ 75 million), would explain why the company moved so quickly to buy. Yes, they could have created their own version of the app, but when you have the size of Facebook, spending about $ 100 million is like dropping a penny for yourself or me. Can you really bother going under the couch to get it back?

And Tbh grows rapidly. Since its launch in a handful of US states in August, tbh It has been downloaded 5 million times and has accumulated 2.5 million active users daily. More than a billion people answered anonymous questions about their colleagues, so the formula seems to work.

But with a team of only four people, this is not surprising tbh stiu reached the mother ship Facebook, especially when TechCrunch reports that the team was only 60 days away from depleting its cash resources when they launched tbh on the back of a series of less successful projects. Business.

«When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared many of the same core values ​​about connecting people through positive interactions,» he wrote. founders of tbh a blog post announcing the business . «Above all, we were guided by the ways in which they could help us achieve view de tbh and bring it to more people. «

Given that it currently operates in only 35 states without an Android version, at least Facebook’s massive resources should ensure that the modest goal is comfortably met.