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FaceApp How to use FaceApp to look younger – Usage tutorial and alternatives It is common for people to want to look younger.

FaceApp How to use FaceApp to look younger - Usage tutorial and alternatives It is common for people to want to look younger.

It is common for people to want it shows a good image on social networksand I usually use photo editors to give some tweaks. FaceApp has been a sensation since its inception, with over 500 million downloads, has proven to be a fast editing alternative for portraits and videos.

This application offers users a wide variety of filters that allow users to make age changes, in the background of the image and many other aesthetic effects in a simple way.

How does the FaceApp mobile app work to rejuvenate me on video?

The option to apply effects to videos has recently been added, allowing rejuvenate or age users of this wonderful mobile application. Facial rejuvenation is achieved by applying filters in short videos. It is also possible to add effects such as changing the hairstyle, mustache, accessories, among others.

How can I download FaceApp on my mobile device?

Downloading this photo and video editor is quite easy and any user with a smart phone and an internet connection can do it. Like many of the applications used today, you just need to access one of the virtual stores of each operating system and download it.

On Android

On mobile phones with Android operating system, the download is done through the Play Store. You need to enter the name of the application in the search bar, then click «Install».

On the iPhone

For the iOS operating system, the app is available in the App Store and is compatible for iPhone and iPad. The download is done in the same way, by entering the name of the application in the search bar and clicking on Download.

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What is the procedure to get younger in FaceApp video?

To use the rejuvenation effect in the application, the user must record a video of a few seconds in length and select the effect. Free of charge available «smile young, old, hipster and angry». Other filters are available for the subscription version. Once the effect is chosen, the preview is presented on the roll.

To play the video with the built-in effect, click «Video processing», it will only take a few seconds. Once the process is complete, the video will be played and now it is possible to share it through social networks.

What other apps allow us to rejuvenate ourselves in videos?

Sometimes it is not necessary to go to download applicationsBy using the «Beauty» and «Retouching» filters included in the cameras of mobile phones, it is possible to apply effects such as removing wrinkles, removing imperfections. However, there are easy-to-use applications for editing photos by applying a rejuvenation filter. These include Face Lab, Pixl-Face Retouch.

FaceApp is a favorite of many users to apply this type of effect to videosHowever, if not available to the user, there are other free and easy-to-use apps available for editing videos. In this category, ZAO and Reface, applications that change faces in photos and videos, are known for that of artists and celebrities.


Restore, of Ukrainian origin, is recognized among the top 5 applications for face exchange. Considered an advanced and fun application that allows you to edit images and videos.

woman retouching her beauty

It offers users a multitude of tools to interact, allows you to cut and paste faces to turn into characters or celebrities. It is updated every day, providing the user with various templates for editing. Although its download is free, it has a trial period of 3 days, after which the subscription for weekly or annual plans applies. It is available for devices with Android operating system and iOS system.


This application has given its users the change of faces in GIF, having a major boom worldwide. However, in mid-2020, it changed its name to Reface. This important change has brought with it the way to replace the face in videos, becoming the most important application in this category.