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Excel How to add and subtract data manually in Excel to know the difference between the data

Excel How to add and subtract data manually in Excel to know the difference between the data

Although few know it, Excel allows us the option to manually calculate the exact days between 2 dates and use some of its basic functions. Join us and find out how add and subtract data in Excel to see the difference between them.

Now, there are several methods of realization and that is why we will define each of them and how to make them step by step. Besides that it helps you calculate the difference in days, weeks, months and even years.

This will help us to answer the age difference between 2 people, to define how many days a package was received or to estimate how many more days are left to fulfill an important meeting or commitment. In short, there are many applications and the process of making them it’s pretty easy and fast.

Without further ado, let’s find out some of the methods for calculating the difference between the data.

How to calculate the data manually in Excel to know the difference between them with the DATEDIF function?

One of the most popular methods to calculate between 2 data is through the DATEFIT function of Microsoft Excel. It is important to note that the date must be written as day / month / year. For example: 28.05.1992.

To do this, we first put the start date in a cell and end date in another. Now all you have to do is define the formula for each case in the top Excel bar.

Calculate the difference in days

Suppose the formula is = DATEDIF (E8, F8, «d»)

It is an example where the start date is written in cell E8, while the end date is reflected in cell F8. Now, the «d» in the formula is the one that will give us the number of days between the two dates. (The final number will be reflected in the cell chosen for the formula).

Calculate the difference in weeks

Now imagine that the formula is = DATEDIF (A11, B11, «d») / 7

An example quite similar to the previous one, we can see that in cell A11 the start date is reflected, while in cell B11 the end date will be seen. We continue to appreciate the command «d» which is responsible for calculating the number of days between each date.

However, this time the command is added / 7 whose function is to divide the number of days by seven. That is, calculate the difference in weeks between 2 dates.

Calculate the difference in months

For this, we will use the formula = DATEDIF (J12, K12, “m”)

Practically the same as the previous ones, where J12 and K12 represent the start date and the end date. Only this time it deals with «m» calculate the full number of months between the two dates.

calculates the difference between the data

Calculate the difference in years

If you want to calculate the difference in years the formula is =DATEDIF (D4, E4, «Y»)

We can see a formula identical to the previous ones, with the difference that the command «Y» will be in charge of calculating the number of years between the two dates.

It is important that, in all cases, the start date is longer than the end date. Otherwise, the result of the formula will always be #NUM!

How to subtract or add data manually in Excel to know the difference between the two?

Another way to calculate the difference between 2 data is dimming their. To do this, we need to write the start date in the preferred cell, for example: A2, and in B2 we will write the end date.

Then we will write the following formula: = B2-A2

Remember that both cells (A2, B2) must be in date format. Since the result cell must be in number format. Otherwise, this type of procedure cannot be performed satisfactorily.

When adding data, the formula is quite similar, only it should be written like this: = A2 + B2

You can also subtract data from one sheet to another and although there are a few other methods for perform this calculationThese are, without a doubt, the easiest. And the best way to manually calculate the difference between 2 data.