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Excel How do all column columns on pages repeat in Google Spreadsheets? Google Spreadsheets is one of the best programs you can work with …

Excel How do all column columns on pages repeat in Google Spreadsheets?  Google Spreadsheets is one of the best programs you can work with ...

Google Spreadsheets is part of the best programs to work with spreadsheets but, more updated and with new updates in its new tools, the best thing about them is that it facilitates the delivery of jobs or deliveries like a pro.

More, Google Spreadsheets has the Split formula, ie a formula that divides the text based on the specified character delimiters and places each fragment in a separate cell in the row. On the other hand, if you have a lot of data or titles in many columns, you should use the Split formula, but in a matrix way, i.e. with the iferror formula and the arrayformula formula.

What tools are there to repeat the titles?

Three things are needed; firstly, an auxiliary column, secondly, sort the range from highest to lowest or in alphabetical order and thirdly, place a formula that consists of the equality of both the value of the column above and the one below.

place titles in bulk in Google Sheets

Then in the auxiliary column you have to place the formula, ie the sign equal to the word «Yes» opening parentheses, select the box in the top column, then, with an equal sign, and finally, we press the box at the bottom, to close parentheses.

You also need to place a semicolon to place the word REPEATED, in quotation marks, with another semicolon, you will place the word ORIGINAL, in quotation marks, to finally have the formula completed, this way you have to close the parentheses and press ENTER.

On the other hand, as a second method, there is another formula to be applied, i.e. word counting formula which is repeated in the spine. Also, applying the counting formula, it will return a conditional number in a range.

Likewise, with an equal sign before the word count and then a dot after the word YES, the parentheses must be opened to mark the column you will use for counting. Finally, with a semicolon, separating, tap the box where you want to get the value of the meter, finally close parentheses to our formula and press Enter.

applications to repeat titles in Google Sheets

What shortcuts are there in Google Spreadsheets to add information quickly?

Google Spreadsheets shortcuts are very useful fast and efficient aggregation of information. In addition, when you work with the keyboard in a program and constantly use the mouse, you change the context, even if you do not realize it, and any change in context is attributed to a loss of productivity.

One of the shortcuts in Google Spreadsheets is to manage CTRL + SPACE, the formula to use to select data in a column. We also have SHIFT + SPACE, a formula for row case, ie for selecting row data. Google Spreadsheets also has if you want to select rows and columns at the same time, you need to use the formula CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR.

how to use Google Sheets on mobile

If you want to delete rows, you must use the formula ALT + E, immediately open the edit menu, then apply the word D and in this way you will order to delete the rows. Also, if you want to delete the column, you need to apply the ALT + E formula, followed by the letter E. Google Sheets, on the other hand, manages to paste everything that is copied from another page without formatting, using the CTRL + SHIFT formula + V.

Finally, to enter the current date, use the CTRL + formula´ and if you want to enter the time use the formula CTRL + SHIFT + ´. But also, if you want to enter both, ie date and time, you have to use the formula CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + ´.


CopyDowm is a tool used to automate the results of a form. The forms are sent in a spreadsheet and supplement Copy Down copies the formula which has already been chosen on one line and on all successive lines.


Flubaroo is a tool for automatically evaluates multiple-choice exams. From Google Drive create a new document, then go to the spreadsheet. Then we go to the add-ons section to get the Flubaroo add-on.

Once in the spreadsheet, we go to the advanced option, at Select language and, in this way, perform the desired test, both for your students and the statistical surveys you want to perform.


Rowcall is a Google plugin sheet was, which consists in formulating a student evaluation form. In addition, with everything that is happening in the world, namely the global pandemic, teachers are looking for tools to assess their students in their homes.

Tips and tricks for better performance on Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is one of the essential tools you can work with, so you need to know a few tips and tricks to get better productivity performance. One of its functions is = Sparkline (), which avoids creating a complete graph and entering the entire data arrangement into a cell or a very small space.

a guide to mastering repeat titles in Google Sheets

There is also the «Explore» function, ie the recommendations it makes Google, on pivot tables. Google Spreadsheets can make data cleaning recommendations. If you are working with historical data sets, the first task is certainly to remove excess space. You can also create data charts just like in Excel.

The column statistic is different functions that Google Spreadsheet AccountBy accessing from the menu you can see the most relevant data of the document.

Finally, Google Spreadsheets has extensive data for data entered into cells, meaning that when you move your mouse over a cell with content that Google can interpret, you can access much more than what you see at first glance. . You can test by entering a URL or an email address, Google Spreadsheets can create a view that you see when you move your mouse over the cell.

Use macros

A macro is simply code without programming anything, located in the dashboard at the top of the screen. In addition, you have the option to record a macro and use absolute or relative references.

how to program macros in Excel to repeat titles in Google Sheets

Connect the spreadsheet with other applications

Connecting your spreadsheet with other apps is very easy, there are now many apps that are compatible with Google Spreadsheets. Google Drive is one of those applications compatible with Google Spreadsheets, from Google Drive can create a spreadsheet.

Excel is also another application compatible with Google Spreadsheets because Google Spreadsheets is an Excel innovation, In other words, it has more complete tools, such as converting an Excel document to Google Spreadsheets and vice versa.

Make a checklist for your team.

A checklist is a to-do list, that is, create a list in a column, then go to the dashboard and locate the data option, then place a drop-down list with data validation. In addition, select the entire data column so you can add and save.