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Everything we think we know about Apple’s plans for iOS 14

Everything we think we know about Apple's plans for iOS 14

With the future of WWDC 2020 increasingly questionable, it’s no wonder that interest in what’s next in iOS 14 is starting to intensify, especially if Apple is forced to provide a remote version of the conference. Here’s what we think we know about iOS 14 so far:

Suggestions of new products in the code

The leaked iOS 14 versions seem to be full of suggestions for new products. Not only does it seem to confirm that the iPhone 9 will have Touch ID and Express Transit, but it looks like the iPad Pro will have an iPhone-like triple camera and a flight time sensor.

There is also a new Apple TV remote control and even greater confirmation of the company’s planned AirTags tracking devices. Earlier complaints included earless headphones and Apple Watch sleep tracking.

It seems clear that Apple has planned a great year of extraordinary launches. The coronavirus disaster has given rise to major problems, possibly also derailing the planned launch of the iPhone 9 for March (although products may still be announced).

So for the new feature suggestions:

  • Home screen changes

It looks like new home screen enhancements will include:

  • Option to see all applications in the sort list view, including recent view.
  • Siri Smart Application Tips to recommend solutions based on time, custom, and location.
  • Masterful multitasking

A bit like it works on an iPad, with iOS 14 you can see four apps on the screen at the same time. Swiping to the right will allow you to switch to another active application, according to a report. It seems that this is called «App Switcher» in internal testing (if the statement is believed). This will allow you to switch between different application switching modes.

A new augmented reality application for retail

Apple is developing a new augmented reality application for iOS 14.

A report claims that the company is testing integration with Starbucks and the Apple Store for the tool, which would provide product guides when you point your camera at something.

The tool will also support third-party product labels and QR codes and reach a retail market that is already deeply immersed in RA.

More accessibility features

Apple is deeply committed to ensuring that its products are accessible, and iOS 14 is no exception. An interesting improvement (if a little creepy) could be a feature that detects sounds such as fire alarms, knocks on doors or babies crying with the device’s microphone. It is likely to become haptic or visual feedback for hearing loss users.

Towards gesture-based calculation

Apple’s iOS devices (especially iPads) seem ready to receive support for mouse cursors, camera-based hand gestures, and trackpads. Another feature is that the camera learns to understand hand gestures (very Minority Report) and the new Audio Adaptations setting to improve audio playback sound for AirPods or EarPods users.

IMessage enhancements

A new tool will allow you to withdraw sent messages. Some claims will receive support for @mentions, making the app a little more collaborative.

You will be able to choose your applications

Apple may make it possible to use third-party applications as default applications to replace its own. This would allow Safari to be replaced by Firefox and Mail to be replaced with another email package, for example, but hopefully it will still allow for deep device-level integration.

You can also share wallpapers with other people.

If you create beautiful images, you may now be able to find a new way to share them. It seems that third parties will be able to provide collections of wallpapers that can be integrated into settings. To support this, Apple is also changing the way it organizes these things, with new section titles.

iPhoneography for us

An interesting statement is that Apple will integrate its popular shooting challenges on the iPhone in the Photos application in iOS 14.

This means that you will be alerted to a new competition within the application and it probably means that you will be able to press a button to enter the competition. (9a5Mac).

One fitness trainer on every iPhone

A new Fitness app in iOS 14 is designed to keep you moving.

The app will give you workouts, exercise videos, and exercise guides. Of course, this will integrate with Health and Activity on your device.

In one implementation, the Apple Watch can collect your activity data while the exercise video and relevant instructions are played on a larger screen device, such as the Apple TV.

Siri receives new voices

Apple can introduce a new framework that developers can use to create their own custom voices for iOS. This will allow you to replace the default voice, which should add even more fun things to Siri. It’s called Voice Provider and it may not make the discount this year.

Really smart video security

HomeKit Secure Video can identify people based on their photos.

Smooth lighting controls in the HomeKit

An improvement to HomeKit is set to be the introduction of support for dynamic lighting control, which means that your lighting can automatically reflect daylight. You may also set Spotify or another music streaming service as your default music provider on your HomePod.

AliPad + Apple Pay

Apple Pay will support AliPay.

Apple Pencil is improving

The PencilKit API is gaining support for handwriting recognition in applications. And this will be useful (but in the meantime, try the excellent Notability app).

Apple Watch for blood

The Apple Watch will be able to detect blood oxygen levels, a report says. The ECG function will also be improved.

What devices will support it and when will it be delivered?

We’ve heard that iOS 14 will be compatible with the same devices that iOS 13 supports, but we still don’t know for sure. This type of reverse compatibility will be welcome and will also help maintain high device prices for the second user.

We don’t know when iOS 14 will be delivered.

While Apple generally delivers the operating system at the same time as introducing a new iPhone, the Coronavirus scourge can push both data back beyond the typical September. I will try to keep you informed as soon as we find out.