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Enter the contest code «REQUETEPATITAS» of Soprola ✅ 【2021】

Enter the contest code "REQUETEPATITAS" of Soprola ✅ 【2021】

The contest «Requetepatitis«Of Soprole is one of the most anticipated, it is already the second time it is held and causes sensation, both in children and adults, and this is because the awards are very striking. Do you want to participate? Here we will teach you how to enter the code Soprole Requetepatitas Contest, so you can be one of the winners.

Soprole Requetepatitas 2021 contest

Being part of this incredible contest is very simple, and the most important and main thing is to buy products attached to the promotion, this is the most relevant, because without a code it is not possible to participate.

The Soprole products adhered to the promotion are:

  • Yogurt Yogurt 120 grams
  • Soprole flanges 120 grams
  • Soprole jellies 110 grams
  • Strawberry milk and chocolate pack of six 200ml
  • Six pack of 200ml nectar

Soprole requetepatitas draw

All the products mentioned above are attached to the promotion, as long as they are labeled with that promotion or include stickers indicating the contest attached to their packaging, otherwise you will not be able to participate because you will not have the code needed to participate.

If you already have a product, the respective labels and you have the code to participate, you will need to follow the steps detailed below:

Enter the 2021 soprola contest code

  1. Search for the code under covers (or under stickers)
  2. Participates in the Soprole Requetepatitas contest
  3. Fill out the registration form
  4. Enter the code (make sure it’s spelled correctly), if you have multiple codes you can add them right away
  5. Click Done! and the code will be loaded immediately.
Soprole 2021 contest winners requetepatitas

If you have already entered codes, we recommend that you save all containers (lids or stickers) that have the code or codes you entered, as if you are one of the final winners you will need to physically present the code to be able to collect the prize, consisting of 3 different stuffed animals, 10, 20 and 100 feet.

To find out if you are one of the winners, we invite you to periodically review the contest website, as the lists of daily winners grow, so you can know for sure whether or not you are one of the winners.

In any case, they will probably contact you by phone and even by e-mail, so we recommend that you keep up to date with the contest, which will end in April 2021.

  • Do you have questions about the contest? Write us a comment and we will help you immediately resolve any doubts you may have.