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Email How to send an email from Android – User Guide and the best applications Email is an instant messaging service, the same …

Email How to send an email from Android - User Guide and the best applications Email is an instant messaging service, the same ...

Email is a instant messaging service, is responsible for facilitating communication between two or more people. This means of communication is currently very popular in the field of work and social.

Its function is similar to that of social networks, in a matter of facilitates communication between people at a distanceHowever, email is taken much more seriously than most used social networks.

What are emails?

When sending a message by e-mail, it will be received immediately in the recipient’s e-mail box (as long as both have a good internet connection). It is a type of digital letter. It should be noted that you can attach any type of media file to this message.

Messages will be private, read-only of the sender and the recipients, if there are several in one type of group conversation.

To send an email, all you need is the email address or emails to which you want to send the message. This is the most important data when sending a message by e-mail, because its operation is similar to that of an e-mail, where the messages are delivered due to the fact that there is a destination address.

The content of the messages you send can range from images, audio, videos, and, if written, can be as extensive as you choose. The messages you send will be hosted in the inbox email inbox until they are moved from the tray by the email owner.

email from your mobile device

A E-mail is made of:

  • One or more recipients. They will be the recipients of the message you send. If there are multiple recipients, you have the option that they cannot see the rest of the recipients.
  • The case. Here you can add a short preview or explain what the message is about.
  • The content of the message. You can choose the font you like best and you can add alignment, color and even emojis to the written part.
  • Attachments. Clearly, it’s an option, a plus that you can add to your emails. Whether it’s an image, a video, or a sound.

What is the minimum age to have an email account?

The minimum age to have an email account depends a lot on part of the world where you are. There are countries where the minimum age is sixteen, while other countries have this different restriction.

For example, in South Korea the minimum age to open an e-mail account is fourteen, in France it is fifteen, in Curaçao it is sixteen, among others. But The minimum age is generally thirteen.

If you want to create an email account for someone below the set minimum age, you can create and manage it through Family Lynk, where you will have control and supervision of this account.

e-mail gmail

What is the correct way to send an email from Android?

Android devices generally have the Gmail app already installed at the time of purchase. All you have to do is enter your Gmail email account through it, or if you don’t have one, create a Gmail account in the same application. Once in your account, follow the steps below to send an email from Android.

  • In the lower right, click on the «+» sign or where it says «Compose».
  • Then in the «To» option enter one or more email addressess, who will be the recipients of the message.
  • Enter the subject of the email. Here you can put a short summary or something specific that is associated with the subject of the email you want to send. This is so that the recipients have an idea or know what the message is about.
  • Enter the text you want to send.
  • Finally, tap the icon it refers to send the message.

Attach files

  • Tap the option to compose a new message, which is at the bottom right of the screen when you enter the email account in the Gmail app on your Android device.
  • Enter the recipient or recipients of the email in the «To» box.
  • Add the topic. This is just a small rule about the content of the message you are about to send.
  • Compose the message you want to send.
  • In the upper right corner tap the icon of a clip or where it says “Attach«.
  • Choose the file you want to send from your Android device’s entire file library
  • After attaching the files, check that they have been uploaded correctly, click the icon «Send» located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Insert images

This procedure is similar to the previous one, only now you will do it select images only. The steps to insert images into an email are as follows.

  • Open your Gmail email account on your Android device.
  • Tap the «Compose» option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the email address you want the message to reach.
  • Add the subject of the message.
  • Write what you need to send.
  • The option to attach files appears at the top of the screen. Select this.
  • Choose the images you want to insert.
  • Please wait for these images to fully load.
  • Tap the send icon at the top right of the screen. Right next to the «Attach» icon.


What are the best email apps for Android?

In case of You don’t have Gmail enabled, you can count on countless other apps that you can find in the Play Store app library. These, like other applications, are extremely easy to download. Here are some of the most popular email apps for Android.

Google Gmail

This application is a Gmail version for mobile devices. Which offers the same features as Gmail for computers. From here, you can set up your Gmail email on your Android device to compose messages, archive them, delete them, everything related to email messages.

The purpose of this application is to be able to provide access to email accounts from a mobile device to be able to be connected from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

This app is usually integrated with Android mobile phones, but if you don’t have it installed, you can find it in the application library in the Play Store. Google Gmail is completely free.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows its users access your Hotmail email accounts thanks to Hotmail Microsoft Outlook, an extension for Microsoft Outlook. In addition to managing emails, it works like a personal calendar in which you can manage your personal calendar, notes, contacts, among others. To download Microsoft Outlook, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Play Store app library.
  • Put «Microsoft Outlook» in the search engine.
  • Download and install the first option that appears.
  • Set up your Hotmail email account to start managing it from Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook application for Android

Blue Mail

This is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store. The most outstanding feature of Blue Mail is that it offers the ability to open and manage multiple email accounts on your Android device at the same time, thus creating a unified mailbox.

The modern and attractive design attracts a lot of attention from its users, because it is more dynamic than that of many other e-mail applications. Besides being totally free, you can easily download it from the Play Store app library.