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Email How to create and set up a GMX Mail email account for Android and iPhone

Email How to create and set up a GMX Mail email account for Android and iPhone

Since the popularization of the internet as an indispensable tool, Messaging services have established themselves as the main tool alongside search engines through which the world, as we know it, is increasingly digitized, where all processes have been optimized thanks to them.

There are currently a wide variety of email services to suit your needs the tastes and needs of the public, being compatible with each other, so that when you use a certain service you do not lose benefits. Nowadays, you can easily open or create an email account in just a few steps, simply by entering a phone number or even without it.

Although most of these services are completely secure, if you still want an extra layer of security, you can create a temporary email in a temporary email generator through several available services that have all kinds of free options so you can choose the program that best suits your needs.

It is also important to note that although technological progress continues, it is becoming easier. customize an email account to make it easier to identify with the rest of your contacts. You can easily create a Facebook account or email address for all the tools and options offered by the service through the platform.

While it’s true that Gmail’s email service is the most popular today because of Google’s technological power to complement Google’s peripheral email tools, there are safe alternatives such as GMX Mail, which you can easily create an account to enjoy its services that have more internal storage.

Service E-mail GMX Mail has grown in popularity recently due to all the options and tools available that it has to offer its users completely free of charge, with completely secure servers. Therefore, today we will show you how to create and set up a GMX Mail email account for Android and iPhone.

Create and set up a GMX Mail account

GMX Mail services offer one of the simplest interfaces to create an account in a few steps to get started quickly. You should only use the browser to enter the official page or to download the official application from the application store for Android or iOS.

Through the official page, select the Register option to create a user and make sure that the name you are going to take is not used. Then you need to enter your personal data in the registration questionnaire, it is important to mention that this information will be stored on GMX Mail’s private servers.

To finish you just have to pass the security option «Check if I’m not a robot» and you end up accepting the general terms and conditions of the service to create your account and start setting up your account.

Once you activate your account, you can configure your personal data on the server and enable server security encryption to prevent computer attacks. you can customize email notifications for the messages you receive.

Advantages of GMX Mail

With GMX Mail services you have a 65 GB storage system in your inbox and an electronic cloud for share files up to 2 GB, because normal server emails have an attachment weight limit of 50 MB, which is higher than many of its competitors.

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It also has protection software to prevent virus and spam messages, so you can get rid of this concern. Besides the fact that you have the option to delete old emails after a preset time, automatically empty the tray to save the user time.

The main advantage that these services offer is the ability to sync with Gmail and Outlook accounts so if you have an account in these services, all the emails you receive there will be forwarded to your GMX Mail account to keep an organized mailbox.