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Email How to create an email account in Yandex – Setup and authentication As many people are looking to create an email account in …

Email How to create an email account in Yandex - Setup and authentication As many people are looking to create an email account in ...

Just as many people are looking to create an email account in Gmail, there are others who opt for Yandex. And is to create an email account in Yandex makes its way as another alternative to its Google counterpart. Since Yandex, a Russian company, is receiving more and more followers and subscribers. In fact, in the eastern part of Europe, that is, in Russia and its neighboring nations, the most used email is Yandex Mail.

Similarly, search engine used in this part of the world it does not belong to Google, but also to Yandex. For these reasons, we need to learn how to create an email account in Yandex if its growth is abysmal and start using this environment. In addition, his free feature makes it much more accessible to create an email here. So are the great benefits it offers for business accounts.

What are the advantages of having a Yandex account?

Using Yandex Mail as your email allows you to enjoy an interface that is not only interactive, but also comfortable and easy to use. But, despite the fact that it is simple and easy to use, it does not lack any of the functionalities that you can get in any other postal service.

In the same way, as soon as you have finished creating your account, you already have it 10 storage concerts for messages. Which automatically expands by one Giga every time the account has only 200 megabytes free. Also, the email has an antivirus or malware scanner that is activated as soon as an email arrives in the mailbox.

The custom themes It also makes another advantage to use this email, as you can customize the mailbox to suit everyone’s taste. Because there are at least 30 different templates not only for one tray, but you can configure them all in different ways.

When you open an account in Yandex Mail, you will also have access to the various platforms owned by Yandex. In this regard, there is access to pages such as Disc or Wiki which are services in which information is stored in the clouds.

Another advantage is that this Russian mail has a separate file for all unwanted messages. That is, notifications from social networks or web pages where you can subscribe. Although you can remove this option in a similar way to when we do Gmail emails, don’t go to the SPAM folder.

You can also receive mail in hand Yandex mobile application. In which you can connect the email to the mobile phone you are using. This is similar to connecting or disconnecting a Google Account from your phone.

create account yandex button create account

What is the procedure for logging in to your Yandex account on your computer?

As always, you must have entered the platform or page before you can complete the email creation process. The site is below the link where the login options or the one that is imported in this case appear, create an account. Choosing this option will lead you to a basic and common form for website registrations.

In this sense, the data requested by this platform are people’s first and last names. Similarly, there is a section to continue to create a username or email plus password that provides account security. Finally, you need to enter a phone number to allow contact between the page and the person. As well as to be able to recover passwords in case of forgetting or losing them.

Then an SMS will arrive on the phone added with the usual code make confirmation. After adding, the page will go to the mailbox, which indicates that the account is already created. And where you need to enable notifications to keep up to date with all incoming emails.

create messages in your yandex account mailbox

How can I set up your Yandex Mail account?

Like all current emails, you should always make a series of SETTINGS for the mail to act in a better way. In this regard, from Yandex, as well as in Gmail, you can create automatic replies to incoming emails.

Other configurations that can be done in Yandex are email activations. Which works similarly to activating and setting up a Gmail email from a phone or computer.

However, the most important configurations are the integration of other accounts so that emails arrive. This is so that you do not always have to open the Yandex web portal to be able to see the emails. Therefore, you need to fix the server login name, being in in IMAP and with the word pop instead of imap for POP3.

create yandex account settings

In turn, the server’s input port it should be 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP. Both connection security must remain in SSL, while the output connection security must be set to 465.

How important is Yandex registration to your business?

One of the main advantages for companies when creating an email or an account in Yandex is that they can rely on security. Because this is a high-tech security platform that allows users to chat without any hassle.

In the same way, the services of this platform are very good, because in addition to the mail there are other tools such as the Yandex translator. Likewise, we can find a Yandex map which was the counterpart of Google Maps. A taxi service very similar to Uber can be done with this platform, which is great for entrepreneurs. This can be achieved as Taxi Yandex in which there are several types of transport.

Finally, when you create an email account in Yandex, the internal contact search engine is available as an option. Which allows users to easily find other people. In this way, businesses benefit when it comes to finding customers.