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Electric door locks

cerraduras electricas para puertas de portal

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electric door locks are of vital importance. We tell you everything you need to know.

Portal doors: the most important doors

There is no doubt that the doors of our home or property are important for the protection and safeguarding of our families and our valuables.

But if there is one door that is twice as important, it is the portal door. If you are thinking of an interior door, we recommend that you consult our article on the sliding door lock.

electric door locksElectric door locks

The doors of the portal, also known as exterior doors or main entrance door, are those that prevent unwanted people from entering our house.

There are many types of locks that can be used to protect exterior doors, but this time we want to talk about locks for portal doors.

Tutorial: how to install 12V electric locks

Why is it worth installing an electric lock on the portal door?

The portal or lobby door is the door that perpetrators, criminals and offenders will try to force if they want to enter your property, so the best thing you can do is strengthen it with an electric lock.

invisible padlock

Characteristics of electric locks

Electric locks for portal doors have a mechanism similar to conventional locks consisting of: screws, pins and slides, the main feature or distinguishing feature of electric locks is that they are activated by an electrical impulse.

Electronic lock

For this reason, they also incorporate Electronic components which make its operation possible.

Another remarkable feature of electric door locks is that they do not require a key.

In this case it is possible to open the portal door using a remote control, remote control. Although some of these locks can also be opened using an alphanumeric code or a fingerprint or a message sent from a mobile application.

How to choose an electric lock for the portal door

Buying a lock is not that simple, because you have to be safe technical knowledge. Besides, it’s something that can’t be taken lightly.

After all, it is about the protection and security of our property.

security locks

The task of choosing a lock for the portal door becomes a little more complicated when it is not a conventional lock, but an electric lock.

We recommend consultants with a specialized locksmith in the electronic locks for exterior doors.

But how do we know you like it learn
and fix things without help, this guide will make it a little easier for you to choose the electronic lock for the front door.

What you should keep in mind when buying an electric door lock

The first thing you should see is the type of door you have at the main entrance.

invisible security locksInvisible security locks

Although there are many types of doors, portal doors are usually made according to security-related models. Thus, the doors we find most frequently in portals are:

  • Light profile doors such as: aluminum doors and glass doors.
  • Heavy profile doors including wooden doors and metal doors.

The choice of lock for your portal door will largely depend on the type of profile your door has.

There are many ways to classify this type of locks, for now we are interested to know that electric locks for portal doors are classified into:

  • Electric wheel locks.
  • Mortise electric locks.

In the following, we will see in more detail what each one is about.

Electric rim lock

These surface mount locks are perfect for metal, wood, gate and railing doors and guards.

They even have the option to open with a key in case of problems with the electric flow, so that you can enter or leave the property without inconvenience.

electric door lockElectric door lock

Company But to specializes in the manufacture of this type of exterior lock perfect for doors that, being outdoors, will be exposed to the elements: sun, rain, humidity. Thus we have:

  • Electric lock Cisa 11731601 Works with 12V, can be opened with a button or a key. In addition, it can be connected to any automated or home automation system.
  • Electric lock Cisa 1152020 for exterior doors it is also powered by 12 volts and works connected to the mains so that it does not require batteries. In the event of a power failure, it can also be operated with a key.
security lock prices

The advantage of these locks for overlapping portals is that the latch is difficult to access, which makes the task difficult for thieves. In addition, they can be used on some doors that do not have space for mortise locks.

Mortise electric locks

They are used in different types of doors, especially the most modern ones, regardless of whether they are:

  • Wood.
  • Heavy profile metal.
  • Lightweight metal profile or windows: such as framed aluminum.

They have the advantage that the cylinders can be scaled, ie you can install the cylinder you want increase security from the door of your portal.

Other models of electric door locks

If your portal door is not so exposed to the elements, you can opt for other types of locks, such as those offered by manufacturers, such as:

  • Schlag
  • ultraloq
  • Nest Yale
  • Remock
  • ZKTeco
  • Samsung
  • Tesa

The options are almost limitless when it comes to choice.

You can opt for door locks with a fingerprint reader, such as those of Samsung or those that produce ZKTeco which in addition to being very modern have elegant finishes.

smart lockSmart lock

If you are one of those who prefer numeric or key combinations, you can opt for a lock of Ultraloq
that, in addition to offering the possibility to open the door with a fingerprint, they have the option of being unlocked with a numeric key.

Tesa is another manufacturer that offers several models of electric locks, although most are designed more to work indoors, if your portal door is inside and protected from rain, you can opt for one Tesa Assa Abloy.

In conclusion:

Protecting the main door is something that can not be done easily, it is necessary to protect the portal door with a high quality lock. Remember that when choosing an electric lock you need to consider the durability factor.