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Effective home remedies to cut your sink: drains and pipes

Effective home remedies to cut your sink: drains and pipes

A clogged sink is an important task that needs to be solved yes or yes, and it can be a matter of a little and we can solve it ourselves with one of the home remedies for clogging the sink that we will see further or, on the contrary, something more serious and must turn to the hands of a professional.

To find out, we can start trying to unlock it ourselves with one of the following natural remedies. We start:

Hot water

Boiling water to open the sink

Many of the clogs in the sinks are caused by grease which, when cooled, clogs the pipes together with food scraps, hair, etc.

Although it may seem too simple, if the clogging is caused by grease and is relatively light, hot water may be your best friend.

Heat a large pot with hot water and add a little salt to make it hot beforehand. Then pour it carefully so as not to burn in the drain.

If you notice that it has done something but has not finished unclogging, add another pot of hot water.

If the jam is caused by another element or is stronger than you thought and you did nothing with hot water, go to the following home remedy:

Baking soda and vinegar, the quintessential home remedy

Baking soda and vinegar as a home remedy for clogging the sink

This remedy works very well in most cases. See if it works well that even professionals like Desalimp Desatascos de Barcelona, ​​the company that unclogs, advises him to open both the kitchen sink and the sink or any other pipe in our house, as they say on their website.

To do this, you must first remove as much water as possible from the sink and pipes.

Then pour a cup of baking soda into the drain or valve, then add half a liter of very hot water.

Now, we do the same process again, but instead of just a cup of baking soda, we will also add another half cup of vinegar along with baking soda.

When we add it, we will begin to hear the effervescent sound of baking soda and vinegar. When we no longer hear the sound, we pour very hot water again.

In general, if the jam is not very large, it is usually more than enough.

If you see that the unlock is not finished, but you managed to remove something, repeat the operation.

If you haven’t done anything, then the following home remedy for drainage can help:

Coca Cola

Hot coke as a home remedy to open the sink

If he had told me, it would have been hard for me to believe that, using hot Coca Cola, some pipes could have been unlocked. I would think it’s a typical urban legend and I would never try it, but it’s something I’ve seen with my own eyes.

At the parents’ house I installed a hydromassage shower and, although I installed it, a professional plumber came. The problem is that after mounting, we realized that there was a blockage in the pipes.

So the plumber took out the sanitary snake, drained it and started using it. After a long time, he gave up.

He kept trying methods, I don’t know what they were, because I was doing something else at the time.

But, after a while, about an hour, he comes sweaty and says: Do you have a Coke? To which I replied: Sure, but don’t you prefer a beer? And he answered me: No, if it is not to drink it, it is to see if we can unclog the pipes.

So, since he was a professional, I kept quiet and gave him a Coke from the fridge. He also asked me for a saucepan to heat it. I gave her the pan and put it on the ceramic bottle and poured Coca-Cola into it.

After about 5 minutes, he took the pan with hot Coke and threw it in the drain. After about 10 minutes, I heard, surprisingly, a «pop» inside the pipes. And, of course, they were completely unlocked.

That’s why I know it works, because I see it with my own eyes.

After this true story I just told you, if you are going to make this home remedy, heat Coca Cola in a saucepan without boiling it. Just make it a little hot and pour it over the drain.

Don’t expect a miracle right away. Let Coca Cola work. And in about half an hour or an hour, check if it worked.

If you see that it has become clogged, but not completely, you can end up unclogging with one of the home remedies we saw above, such as boiling water or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

If after trying these home remedies to start the sink, you failed to open it, you can use some of these specific tools to get started:

Useful tools

Piston or manual piston

There are specific tools and accessories for unclogging the sink, such as the classic piston or the natural piston that everyone should have at home and that, if the jam is not very large, the ballot paper can solve them easily and efficiently.

To use the hand piston, empty the sink or anything else in it. Then fill it with lukewarm water about half full and, once full, put the piston rubber on the valve until it «sticks» and starts pumping for about half a minute, or until you hear a sucking noise.

If you do not hear any noise, stop pumping and see if the water in the sink starts to leak.

If you do it fast, congratulations! you already have a clogged sink.

If it happens, but slowly the clogging is partially cleaned, then use the piston again and pump until the clogging is completely still.

As I said, if the jam is not too bad, these pistons work great.

If it has not been unclogged with the piston, then you can use another more effective tool:

Use a metal hanger or a sanitary snake

Snake plumber

Leroy Merlin’s installer snake

Ideally, use the sanitary snake. A most useful tool for medium traffic jams. But if at that time you do not have or can not go to buy it because it is Sunday, you can use a metal hanger.

First straighten the hanger until you have a long, straight thread, then feed it into the drain until it locks and you can undo it.

You probably won’t do it the first time, but you’ll gradually remove traces of dirt or anything that has clogged the sink. But, little by little, you will be able to remove dirt, food, hair, etc. which clogs the sink.

If you have the plumbing snake, do the same, but in an easier and more efficient way, because this tool has a length of more than 3 meters which allows us to access much more depth in the pipe if the blockage is find in a deeper area.

If the blockage is of medium severity, you will have no problem removing it. If he doesn’t come out with this, you will probably have to resort to the hands of an unlocking professional.

How to avoid future traffic jams

Use spill grills. You can buy them in full for a hundred or in the «Chinese» in your neighborhood for one euro. These networks will prevent anything other than liquid from entering the drain.

Pour a good pot of boiling water once a week. This is useful to loosen the grease that has hardened inside the pipes. The fat that, little by little, creates a plug until the jam is formed.

Perform regular maintenance on tanks, valves and plugs. Check that they are working and in perfect condition. And if they aren’t, change them. As they say, it’s worth four dollars.

Do not put food in the sink; Thoroughly clean dishes and other dishes before putting them in the sink. These small leftovers slowly form a plug.

Do not add chemicals such as soda or paint which, when dried, creates a plug in which possible dirt accumulates until it becomes a plug and then this blockage is one of the greasy ones.

Also, avoid throwing hair on the drains, they are a big problem in traffic jams because they get tangled in all sorts of things.

More information in Desalimp Unlock.

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