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eBay How to remove comments and votes on Ebay – simple explanation Removing comments and votes on Ebay is a procedure that …

eBay How to remove comments and votes on Ebay - simple explanation Removing comments and votes on Ebay is a procedure that ...

Removing comments and votes on Ebay is a procedure that any seller must learn. Especially when these comments are negative to your profile or products. Because comments and votes can increase a seller’s popularity, leading to more buyers.

But just as it has positive repercussions, negative comments do the opposite. Then, many people who look at negative feedback will refrain from buying and trading with low valuation profiles. Therefore, here is explained in detail, but simply how to remove votes and comments on Ebay.

How does it affect negative feedback and seller feedback?

Technical the evaluation is nothing for the company and the Ebay platform and comments. Therefore, there is no risk with the platform when you have this type of votes. However, where negative feedback can affect is the perception of future customers.

Every time a buyer enters a publication of a sale, he also looks for the characteristics of the product for the evaluation of the seller. Because this is a way of saying that the seller is a trustworthy person and that their products are of good quality. So, cany negative feedback or comment will tarnish the seller’s image causing some buyers not to have too much confidence in the transaction.

For these reasons, when you have an Ebay account, you should try to get a 100% rating. Thus, people interested in products feel comfortable when making a transaction.

What does the star next to the score mean?

Steaua rreflects the number of people who voted or evaluating a user’s profile. This star is also a way to identify whether or not a profile has a good rating. Well, through these stars people measure whether it is reliable to buy in a certain profile. Because, as more people star in the profile, this is because they make good deals.

One of the things you can try to do to remove comments or votes on Ebay is contact the same company. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in detail what happened and why you want to remove such a vote or comment.

When you contact Ebay to exchange a vote or a comment, you should know that this platform has its own rules. That is, Ebay has a number of terms and policies to decide when a vote should be removed or not. In this sense, Ebay and Amazon have several differences.

E.g, if there is evidence If there is an offensive comment or one that violates the rules, the seller will win. While if the buyer has a strong argument that the shopping experience was not satisfactory, then Ebay keeps the negative feedback.

remove negative comments from eBay

To be able to contact Ebay to delete a comment you need to write an email. It can also be done through the company’s platform, in the section to which the previous link takes you. It should explain very precisely why you think a particular comment should be removed from your product.

The other solution to be able to remove votes or comments on a post on Ebay is talking to the person who made the comment. Well, in this way it is sought to reach a pleasant agreement with the person who wants to buy a product. The difficulty of this type of case is that you have to reach an agreement with the buyer so that he can change his vote or eliminate it.

In some cases, drastic solutions must be sought, such as resending the product. Which involves a little loss of money or not generating profits as such. Problems can also arise when there is no agreement in choosing the payment method of the online store. That’s why you have to enter into negotiations with the person who wants to pay. However, any changes are worth making to satisfy customers and make positive reviews on our Ebay account.

removes private profile votes and comments

There are two ways to contact the person who wants to make a purchase on Ebay and who has left a comment or vote. One of these options is making a response comment to the comment left by the buyer. This is done in the voting area where the negative comment should be located and marked in response. There you need to write an explanatory message so that the buyer can change his assessment.

On the other hand, Ebay has the opportunity ask the buyer for a feedback review, You can do this exactly 5 times a year. In these cases, the person making the purchase receives a notification on his Ebay account in which he expressly asks them to change the valuation of the purchase. In the same way, with this option you can make an explanatory wording with the reasons why you consider that the vote is insufficient.

The request for a revision of the vote should be taken into account performed only in the first 30 days. Once the comment or rating has been in your profile for a long time, the request can no longer be made.

Can a buyer lose the right to vote?

Of course, Ebay can penalize all those users who do not follow the rules or community terms. Because when a person tries to insult the seller or commit any type of crime, he may lose his right to comment and vote.

The sanction is imposed by Ebay corresponding to the gravity of the fault that is made in comments or votes. For example, you may lose the right for a few days, although there are also penalties that last for months.

remove votes on eBay

However, when there is a racist, homophobic or really serious crime comment the user is completely excluded. So this person will no longer have access to the voting and comments section. Unlike the Wish platform, where you can enter, buy and vote without registering.

How to make a private voting profile?

The best thing about this page is that the feedback profile stay public for anyone to see. In this way, try to make people feel confident in you as a seller and in products. In addition, one of the fundamental requirements to be able to sell on Ebay is that the voting profile remains public.

Therefore, if this profile is changed in private, you will not be able to sell any items until it is changed again. However, if you want to make your profile private, you have to go where it says to decide if the votes will be private or public. Below are the two options for private and public profileor where you need to choose to create a private profile. Finally, you need to save your changes and change your profile completely without posting comments and votes.